CHEERS!!!! To The Next Chapter In Your Love Life!

Out of this universe,
 Our nine planets,
 Our two hundred and four countries,
Our eight hundred and nine islands,
And our seven seas,
Love is what connects our lives.
When you catch yourself smiling for no reason,
When you cuddle to sleep in their arms,
and wake up in their dreams,
You feel it.
Love is the feeling that causes your soul,
to crawl out of it's hiding place.
It makes you feel like you belong.
It makes your heart race,
and your stomach feel like butterflies.
Sometimes who we fall in love with,
Is beyond our control.
We cherish loyalty and honesty,
from our lover above most others.
We feel we can let go and act silly.
And even when our lover breaks our heart,
We find ourselves loving them still,
With all the little pieces .
We still feel the connection.
It is seen in Our eyes.
Even when we move past our love,
We don't forget.
That feeling is searched for again.
Sometimes, It is like remembering someone,
That we never really knew.
You cannot start a new love,
If you keep reliving the last one.
It is a hard picture to take down off our wall.
We desire the feeling of love, above all else.
It is out there for every soul on this planet.
Everyone is desiring of it.
Everyone is deserving of it.
Everyone will find it as well.
Please Chat with me today,
So I can help you on your way,
To finding the one,
Who you Belong with!
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