Chat With Me, and SEE What Happens NEXT...
There is something growing in your life!

This is the time for honoring your true spirit!

We feel gratitude, then we Share. We Reconnect.

We Honor each others Spirits. We spread Joy.

We feel Love Sparkling around each other.

It is Warm and Electric. We spread it through touch.

We spread it through tone, and soothing words.

This is the Energy that Manifests our Desires.

These are the things to think of to Gain Abundance.

Reach out with your heart and mind,

 and order your true hearts Desires.

Feel now, How you want that relationship to feel...

Relish in that feeling. Let it emanate from Your Self

Dive in to where it takes you. Own the Dream.

Then Believe.

That's a must.

 Your "ya, but's" have been great so far

in driving away your dreams

Give your Self a gift this holiday.


This gift of Self- Empowerment.

Self-Love, Self- Assurance,

Aligns Your Self

.....and see what happens next

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# re: Chat With Me, and SEE What Happens NEXT... @ Monday, December 15, 2014 5:06 AM
Its beauitful
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