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Right Now we need to allow the healing PINK and GOLD energies to come in us and sweep ou

We have all been working the soil and doing the changing needed to get a clean slate. Now we need to even out and nourish our skin, our minds and our hearts with GOLD LIGHT....Let it filter from the sky into your minds eye...down your shoulders..into your belly and down into the earth...Let yourself feel your body filling up with a CLEAR PINK LIGHT... It is glowing and swelling around inside you until it is pulsing and pushes out past your body and connecting you to other people and animals around you...everything organic is connected to you right now is this CLEAR PULSING PINK LIGHT...Gather yourself, enjoy the feelings of being weightless of worries and come to your center energy.
Know you can do this mentally whenever you need to, wherever you are.
You feel a kindred spirit to others right now and can clear out misunderstandings and mental blocks set up to block healing energies... Release the pain from your body.. The Body will store the blocks and notify you by bringing illness and pain RIGHT WHERE YOU CARRY it...Let it pulse right on down and transform. You do not need it anymore. You can tilt back and circle your head letting the tension and stress of the day others have shared with you run off into the collective to become and create somewhere else.. Enjoy the clarity you now see with. Things seem crisper and you feel time has slowed down.. When you are ready LAUGH OUT LOUD for at least 15 seconds and bring your mind and body together.  Make sure you go have a small snack and get a drink to balance and fully rejuvenate yourself. You are doing self healing work!
 Life is getting better for you right now.. You will continue to feel better as well.
~ Velvet Harmony
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