Removing the WEEDS ~*~*

In the olden days
When we were sick
The doctors would bleed us
They knew it hurt but was necessary
To remove the toxins from our bodies to save our lives
How soon we forget
How soon we cover up our hearts
We toughen our skins to the world
When you find yourself in a bleeding Love
You have to remove yourself from it
The madness it brings is torture
The hardest part is the day to day
We have made someone a habit in our life
The habit has turned to addiction
Some give others the ability to course through
Forgetting to save part of themselves to heal with
When they have left you
You feel sick and without
The life force is flowing out and away from you
You have not harnessed yourself yet
You are doing the necessary bleeding
This is a part of life
The part we all have felt and understood
Some stick here and can't find
the sense to know the toxin is gone
We bleed all over our friends and family
They get dirty with it and tired of it
It wears on them because we are draining then
Do not forget your place is to grow
To enjoy and experience...not to withdraw into the pain
Do not allow yourself to sink away into the sadness
FEEL BETTER after being bled
That is why it happened
So you would regenerate with fullness
So your life would have room to bloom
into the shape it was suppose to
You must REMEMBER it is YOU
;who decides to stop bleeding
~Blessings and Love~

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