We are all. intricate souls. We bloom and ebb away.

We are all different colors, with different patterns.

We all grow when the sun shines on us,

and need protection from the elements.

We become torn through time, and through others who pass by.

When picked, we are the center of attention.

If our beautiful petals wither and fall, sometimes we are thrown away.

We leave seeds behind us growing new flowers, our legacy.

Beautiful flowers cover the Earth.

Our roots intertwining, weaving on through the obstacles.

We make a pulsing energy web of life.

It is smooth and yet bright.

We are connected to everyone and everything.

No type of flower is more beautiful or important than another.

Flowers do not think of such things.

Flowers live, sometimes thanklessly.

Flowers thrive on energy from the sun, as we do on our parents.

Flowers seed when pollinated, and become parents

Flowers are as inspiring as each person you know.

Look for the flower inside everyone. Really see what is there.

Enjoy their true energy as you share your own.

This doubtless sharing is called perfect love and perfect trust.

Allow this good energy to infect your cells and grow in your being.

Share it and make your legacy!



Velvet Harmony 
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