When you meet someone they present a persona to

you, based on their evaluation of you and what

similarities you have. They do not do this on purpose

to be deceitful. Yet, everyone..yes everyone does it.

We show what is the same to gain acceptance.

Have you ever been with someone, or a friend to

someone, and they "change"...or their TRUE

COLORS come out and you feel you are finally seeing

who they are? This is enlightenment..you have moved

past the mask...they actually have accepted you in

reality at this point. They feel that you will accept

their differences instead of loving yourself in them. 

At this point in a relationship/friendship...we

sometimes feel deceived. Quite the opposite has in

fact taken place. We do not feel the need to look

perfect, and feel on our best behavior anymore.

6 months is the magic number for this situation.

It takes that long for someone to be at ease and get

really REAL. Some will deny this. That's fine. Watch

and believe your own truths. I have seen this again

and again myself, so it is one of mine.

Once the masks come off, we reevaluate the

relationship..not all marshmallows and roses. These

habits that are annoying us now, will stand out.

The aloofness that shows at this point, we don't

understand where it came from. We find ourselves

chasing down the same attention that use to be

lavished on us without us having to ask. We ask

WHY? Where did this nice person we know go?  The

answer to that is..nowhere. They are still around and

they feel comfortable in the relationship to be real

and let go. They are not trying to walk on eggshells

forever. We are not perfect ourselves. Why would we

deny someone just because they didn't act

"perfect"(or a certain way to us..that we like) towards

us anymore?...Ah, but we do, and we will. We use this

6 months to put in the time. We establish ourselves,

so once we are KNOWN, we will be remembered as

being good enough to be still accepted.

To love is to be free to BE. If we restrict ourselves to

fit in someone elses ideals of us, we deny love to a

part of ourselves. When we realize we have been

doing this...We throw that restriction off of ourselves,

or drop our mask.... We carry layers of them. One for

an interview...One for family occasions...ect

We even develop tones that are not aligned with our

regular speech. Ever hear someones voice get higher

and more bubbly? How about a new accent? You

even hear it in yourself..when you start repeating

"cool slang" that you decided to repeat within certain

groups. Teenagers are a great magpie example.

Adults will adopt this as well.  This is all our

subconscious aligning us with the people around us

to fit in. We NEED others. We have seen humans

who have not been accepted, and how it has

absolutely wrecked their lives. Before you go saying

where did the man I know go, this isn't the guy I

married..or My friend is a two-faced...Remember..."If

you knew your potential to feel good, you would ask

no one to be different so that you can feel good."
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