What are you attracting right NOW?
What you are feeling right now,
 is what you are attracting more of in the future.

Your emotions are a guidance system of what is to come.

If you feel bad. STOP and shift your energies.

Decide to see whatever it is that you want in you life already there!

How does it feel to have that relationship right now?

That job that you wanted, how does it feel to work there?

Really see it and think about it all day.

Do not allow in any negative thoughts.

Do not think about the ex.

Do not allow yourself to have DOUBTS.

If you find yourself thinking about that..simply skip past it.

Refocus on feeling good.  If you feel good, you will attract the good.

Ask, Answer, Receive.

Feel Gratitude for what is coming.

The way you feel is everything. You are one with your thoughts.

What will help you have the feelings of having it now?

This will attract it. Then focus on your impulses, follow them.

Don't delay, Don't second guess....ACT NOW
Art by Mandal'anas
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