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New Moon Rituals and Manifesting

Symbolism and ritual are everywhere. Look around. You will find them in nature, in the Catholic Church and even in your daily routine. Something as simple as putting on lavender lotion each evening, can calm the senses and instill peace after a stressful day. So why not utilize the power of the new moon when setting forth your intentions, wishes and desires.


Science has long known about the effect the moon has on not only the earth’s oceans, but on the human body and mind as well. Water makes up between 45 and 75% of our body weight. Our emotions are symbolized by the water element. Combine emotion with intention on the New or Full Moon and you have a powerful tool for manifesting.


Why the new moon? Think of the new moon as a re-birth…the beginning of the new cycle of the moon's phases.  It is an optimal time for planting and germinating your intentions and desires. Just as plant seedlings need the darkness of the soil in order to gestate and set down roots, before bursting forth in sunlight, so do our intentions. And just as plants follow a growth cycle before blooming or producing fruit, so do our desires. As the moon grows and waxes towards full, that which we have seeded, also grows.


Ritually speaking, there is the dark phase, (no moon,) and the 3 days which follow.  The dark phase is when one should “plant” or “plan” what they intend on manifesting. The 3 days that follow is the most powerful time for nurturing intentions. Just as a plant needs to set down a strong and stable root system, so does that which you want to see manifest. A reality, (such as a relationship, career, or new home,) is only as stable as its root system, or foundation. Continuing to feed or “nurture” your intentions and desires is an important step in seeing your wishes become a reality.


Example of a New Moon Ritual


1.         Tools and techniques: Use whatever you are drawn to and what allows you to feel comfortable and centered. If you do use tools…you can never go wrong with a white candle for the obvious reasons. White represents God, purity, protection, truth and all there is. White is the culmination of all color energies in the spectrum.


2.         Plan what you desire to have in your life. Visualize it….see it clearly. If it helps you…write your intentions and desires down on a piece of paper. Leave nothing to the imagination. If you skip details the Universe is going to fill those in for you and what you manifest may not be what you intended or even like. To give you an example: I knew a man who was ready to settle down and get married. He had dated over the years and still had not found “Mrs. Right”. After attending a seminar on visualization techniques he decided it couldn’t hurt to try one of them.  He sat down one night and wrote a list. On that list were three things: Attractive woman. Financially independent. Shares the same interest in movies, books and activities.


According to this man… he thought his list contained enough of his desired attributes. He didn’t want to go overboard.  His intention and the emotion behind his desire was so strong that he met and connected with a very attractive woman within the same month. She seemed to be everything he wanted and most certainly was everything he had put on his list. But…once the honeymoon period wore off this man found that he and his ideal woman had a serious communication problem. He found her to be self-centered; she had no desire to pursue anything of a spiritual nature and ridiculed him for his beliefs. Sadly their relationship ended within the year.


3.      Ask for and release your desires and intentions once you know without a doubt, what you want to see happen. Releasing is not the same as nurturing. Nothing can be given to you if you haven’t asked and released the desire for it first. When you hold on…you stay stuck.


4.      Thank the Universe for everything you have already been given and for what is going to be given to you. Even if you feel it is hard to be grateful for a life that you feel needs changing…try to pinpoint at least one positive aspect that you can be grateful for.


5.      Believe and accept that what you are asking for is going to manifest. Remember that energy goes where your thoughts go. If you put a lot of thought into doubt and skepticism that is where your energy will go.


Finally, keep in mind that all manifestations are a process and each intention we plant has its own cycle of growth. Some things will naturally take longer to manifest than others.

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wonderful!  very helpful.
# re: New Moon Rituals and Manifesting @ Thursday, October 16, 2008 5:42 PM
just amazing you should write a min book on Manifesting with the right tool ,right mind the world is feild of flower wating to be pick...
# re: New Moon Rituals and Manifesting @ Monday, December 06, 2010 12:15 AM
I just did this new moon ritual earlier and I'm looking forward to see my intentions...
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