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Pumpkins-Autumn's Magical Gourds

Peace be with you my friends.  It is once again October and I have decided to repost one of my favorite articles about pumpkins and their magical properties.  I hope you enjoy and I wish you many blessings during this magical time of year.

Fall has finally arrived and it is truly a season of magic for practitioners of all traditions.  I’ve decided to write on how to make use of those beautiful gourds that are so iconic of this time of year.  The pumpkin is powerful beyond what words can express.  In Afro-Caribbean magic is represents wealth, abundance, prosperity and love.  In the Lukumi tradition is sacred to the orisha Ochun who is herself the embodiment of love, sweetness and all that is good and peasurful in life.  In Eastern Europe there is a commonly held belief that if pumpkins are kept too long, wandering spirits may take up residence and clause them to move about and even bleed by night.  From Ireland comes the tradition of the jack o’ lantern whose original purpose was to frighten off aggressive, mischievous spirits who roamed the countryside on All Hollow’s Eve.  It is hard to imagine that one particular vegetable could be held in such high regard by seemingly distinct cultures from around the world.  The only conclusion I can draw is that there is something innately magical growing on those vines!  It is my pleasure to now share with you three simple spells involving these magical gourds.

Sarah’s Pumpkin Seed Prosperity Spell

You will need:

A tall Glass of Water
A Bag of Salted Dried Pumpkin Seeds

My friend Sarah, herself a Wiccan High Priestess, learned this spell as a child from her grandmother who is a powerful kitchen witch in the New England tradition.  I have learned from various sources that this particular spell was in common use as early as the 1920’s and quite possibly before.  This ritual confers a double blessing since it acts as a spiritual cleansing in addition to attracting wealth and prosperity to the individual that performs it.

Sit in a place where you can meditate quickly for a few minutes.  Open your bag of pumpkin seeds and count out 9 seeds.  Eat the first seed.  You may choose to break the seed open with your teeth and eat the soft inner seed, personally I like to eat the salty hard shell as well.  Slowly chew the first seed and wash it down with a drink of cool water.  Repeat the process until you consume all nine seeds. After you swallow the last seed say to yourself aloud or silently may the seeds of this holy gourd cleanse me of all negativity and fill my life with wealth and blessings.  You will be surprised at how effective something so simple can be!  I have heard of people winning jackpots at casinos and encounter long lost friends after performing this easy ritual.

Caribbean Pumpkin Money Spell

You will need:
A small sugar pumpkin or Caribbean yellow pumpkin
Holy Water
5 Shiny Pennies   
Paper Bag from the Grocery Store

I have seen versions of this spell done by practitioners of Obeah and Santeria, two beautiful Afro-Caribbean regions.  This spell invokes the aid of Ochun, the Yoruba goddess of love, money and sweetness who is closely associated with Our Lady of Charity, the patroness of Cuba.  This simple ritual can confer wealth, attract good luck and even bring about marriage.   
First remove the top from the pumpkin and scoop out the insides as if you were carving a jack-o-lantern.  Next, cut a square of brown paper from the grocery store bag and write you wishes, desires and petitions on it.  Place the paper inside the pumpkin. Next toss in the 5 pennies and drizzle honey inside as well.  Lastly, sprinkle five drops of Holy Water into the pumpkin and replace the top.  Take the pumpkin to a river and toss it in.  Then wait for Ochun to work her sweet magic in your life!

The Jack-O-Lantern Spell

You will need:

One large carving Pumpkin
A candle

Jack-o-lanterns have their origins in ancient Celtic religion.  Originally they were meant to frighten off and confuse all evil spirits that roamed on All Hallows' Eve.  Originally, the Irish had used turnips, but when they began immigrating to America in the 19th century, they adopted the pumpkin native to the Americas which was much easier to carve.  So this Halloween when you carve your jack-o-lanterns, remember the original meaning of this tradition and as you set your lantern outside whisper the following prayer, may the light of this lantern frighten away all evil spirits who whish to do as harm and light the way for all good spirits and ancestors who wish to visit us this night.  And remember always that Halloween, All Saints' and All Soul's Day are above all a time to honor and pay respect to the dead who have walked the Earth before us and will one day greet us on the other side.  

I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit about pumpkin magic.  Please, if you try any of these spells, let me know your results.  If you have any questions or wish to inquire about my services, please do not hesitate to contact me.  As always, I wish you peace, love and the sweetest of blessings!

# re: Pumpkins-Autumn's Magical Gourds @ Thursday, April 11, 2013 2:41 PM
I was wondering what it mean when someone puts pumpkin seeds in your shoe or boot..
# re: Pumpkins-Autumn's Magical Gourds @ Thursday, April 18, 2013 2:13 PM
I've never really heard of that.  It could be some kind of blessing since pumpkin seeds are all about luck and prosperity.
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