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WALKS WITH THUNDER is from a family of shamans. His Grandfather was a Medicine Man for the Caddo tribe, as was his before him. He has been able to see grandfather spirits since age two
A holiday blessing from my family to yours.

Hello Everyone,

A Holiday Blessing from my family to yours.

I love the holiday season. The food the parties, the holiday movies. The bunny started watching holiday movies last week on Hallmark channel. OMG there must be a thousand or so out there. MY DVR has been recording her choices everyday so she doesn't miss out. Though in my mind Christmas season doesn't start till after Thanks Giving, I do enjoy the season. This year we picked up some big outdoor colored lights for the back yard. Yes, we aren't sharing that with the neighborhood, just the backyard over the fence folks.

Some of you are going through a terrible time, being unemployed, losing your loved ones, breaking up relationships, depression, negative energy and so on. It may even be a time that makes it very difficult to find your silver lining. We all have something to be thankful for, even it its that it just can't get any worse.

May all who read my message be blessed to have the best holiday season ever. May love be at your side and a constant companion every day of your lives. May your biggest blessing last all your days. May we be blessed to eat only what is good and healthy for our bodies and to be satisfied with less of what isn't good for us.

Walks With Thunder

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