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WALKS WITH THUNDER is from a family of shamans. His Grandfather was a Medicine Man for the Caddo tribe, as was his before him. He has been able to see grandfather spirits since age two
A work in progress
Here we are 2 days after All Hallows Eve. The sugar rush is almost over. My little dog Goliath is on the mend after his Heart attack last month. He’s a pure spirit, love his company. Even when he gives me that look, that ‘what the heck were you thinking’ look. We are all works in progress. Learning and growing all the time. My inner child sometimes takes control. Giving action to those thoughts that maybe shouldn’t have action behind them. Then again where would the fun in life be if our inner child didn’t come out to play every now and then. It’s been said that the more complex the mind the more complex the toy. Lucky for me I built my own super-fast computer to play with. It boots up in 14 seconds, I love that! There are days when I am content to stay home and leave traveling to others. Getting ready for a trip to Chicago on Saturday, must wonder what adventure is to come. Had a last-minute trip to Denver Co last week. Spirit taking me on a lesson about growing and learning all the time. My smart phone is a constant companion as it does so very much. It reminds me to do things, keeping a schedule is comforting to my body’s spirit. At 5 PM it reminded me to take my healthy supplements. CoQ10, magnesium, Turmeric, Fish oil, and CBD oil. Hours later after the sun went down, I was in the desert of Utah. Never having been on this road I was extra vigilant. The highway signs were especially luminescent, leaving an after image on my windshield. Oddly it was a pinkish hue to this after image. There were details in that image that reminded me of a mountain side. I could make out some trees and buildings at the base. Feeling hurried I was determined to make good time by not stopping as much as I usually do. Wanted to get to my destination by 5 PM or earlier the next day. Took my 5-hour energy drink and traveled till about 3 or so in the morning. Found a nice rest stop and had a nap till 7:30 AM. Got back on the road and noticed that the rest area looked exactly like the after image I had been seeing all night on my windshield. The pinkish hue was the color of that cliff/mesa side. I had been looking into the future every time the highway signs fluoresced too brightly. Well played spirit, well played. Found myself wondering if everything was going to work out well at my destination. Would they have the product I had made this journey for? You would think that I would just know it was going to work out just because of the work I do as a shaman. Late that morning I saw something with my peripheral vision sitting on the passenger seat. It was a brown box with the lid flaps open. A sign from spirit I was going to get what I came for. I arrived at 3:30 PM and the person I was to see was out picking up her child. I waited in their Spa office. It was good to see all the CBD products they had created. A few minutes later she arrived with her child and told me she was almost ready. She bagged up my product and came out with a large bag and the plain brown box from my vision. Again, I had confirmation from spirit that I had looked hours into the future. Love knowing that as I travel this spiritual path there are always new lessons to be had. Loaded my box and bag into the car and got ready to go home. My trusty phone showed me the time was 4:44 PM. 4 representing the 4 directions is a very spiritual time for me. A note from spirit saying lessons over. May we all be blessed to follow our path in healthy bodies, and joy in our heart. Call me today and lets look into your future. Walks With Thunder
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