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Are Relationships like Christmas lights?

Hello Everyone,


You can tell the holidays are almost here by the Christmas decorations coming out of the boxes at our house.  We aren't putting them up yet, we are doing maintenance.  Changing out burned out bulbs, that's a chore.  Would rather replace the whole string of lights than go bulb by bulb checking each one.  It's a good thing relationships aren't like that. Or we would be in big trouble every holiday season. 


Though we could say that some of our bulbs in a relationship have gone out and we need to fix them.  Like our let’s spend time with each other and enjoy it bulb.  Has yours gone out?  If so maybe all you need to do to fix that is make an agreement to spend more fun time with each other.  As time is not our friend, beauty fades and the body tends to get heavier.  As I understand it we should relocate to the moon as we would only weigh 1/3rd of what we weigh on earth.  Not a practical solution for us. Exercise and good nutrion may fix that bulb, though accepting our bodies as they are also fixes that bulb.


As long as we are fixing our relationship and giving it the attention a relationship needs it should last a long while before we must replace that whole string of relationship lights with another one.  These days the trend is to go with a younger fancier model with all the new technology that changes the light colors and makes them sequence in patterns.  Just remember those are more expensive and they tend to be delicate.  I don't like getting those looks of disdain from older light strings as I go shopping with my newer model light strings.  They have that look of judging directed at me for not going with a vintage model such as myself. 


Having gone without a new light bulb string for years I decided to go with a classic, you could say I loved it so much I married it. Yes it's a few months older than I am but it does have all the fancy extras that keep an old guy like me happy in its relationship glow. 


If your needing help fixing your relationship bulbs call me or if your trying out a new fancy string of relationship bulbs I can help. Call me today!



good to go


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