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WALKS WITH THUNDER is from a family of shamans. His Grandfather was a Medicine Man for the Caddo tribe, as was his before him. He has been able to see grandfather spirits since age two
Dealing with Negative Energy in our lives.

It’s June 6, 2016, Historically a day that half the world stood up against evil.  As a Shaman I know there are evil areas of our world just as there are good areas every 100 miles or so.  Some people call these places vortexes or lay lines, doesn’t matter what we call them it is a place energy positive and negatively charged gathers.  People are like this too, ever meet someone you just want to be around?  Perhaps you remember meeting a person you couldn’t wait to get away from?  People, places and even things are positively and negatively charged.


In my Casino Blessing research, I have seen many “lucky” items, rituals and people.  These “superstitions" linger around people too, watch the move “The Cooler”, Bill Macy is awesome in this role.  A Cooler is someone the Casino sends over to lucky people who are too lucky and are winning too much.  The cooler is someone who sucks up that luck and puts things back in the casinos favor.  They have an area of effect around them, folks that were very lucky become not lucky.  I have noticed that I am the opposite of a cooler, when I walk around the casino I leave a trail of jackpots behind me.  Folks in my path win.


How do these people, places and things become charged?  Some say that when a very evil act happens it leaves a residue of evil that lingers there.  The Nazi concentration camps are such a place.  Jewish people, men, women, children, exterminated because a lesson of evil was given against them.  That lesson of evil was so powerful millions of Jews were exterminated in just a few years.  Now evil is trying to cover up what they did and they are not teaching this part of history anymore so evil can do it again. 


The inquisitions of the middle ages searching for heretics.  Oh the evil people do in the name of religion.  It’s not just the Catholics, Islam, Mormons and so on and on with most every religion throughout time.  Holy war, what a term, come on really?  The Crusades were with Islam and Catholics.  King James changed the bible, word of god, edited the bible.  Coined the phrase “Infidel”, meaning not in fidelity with the word of god because you changed it.  These days Islam is out there doing evil things in the name of their god just as Christians have.  The horrible things we humans do to each other is not new behavior.   When religions, people do these evil deeds, even in the name of religion, evil gathers and grows.  Sometimes objects like swords, knives, or places they were done take on this evil energy.   Creating cursed objects and areas. 


The really good thing about energy is we can change its polarity if you know how.  Salt has always been one of those things that can change negative energy.  It has been said it creates a barrier against evil.  I say Kosher salt is better, not only does it have all the awesome things regular salt does, but it also carries a blessing from the Jewish Rabbi who blesses “all the food” in the Kosher food warehouse.  I love that about Kosher salt.  A few grains of Kosher salt, or regular salt can change the polarity of your own and others negative energy and its ability to affect you.  Sprinkle some under your bed so you don’t have negative dreams or evil paranormal visitors.  Sprinkle some around your home, doors windows to keep negative energy out. 

The Native American smudge is an awesome way of getting rid of negative energy.  I have found that when you’re not doing well at the casino, white sage smoke gets your spirit clean again.  Winning with a pure spirit is the best way.  You can smudge your house, your car, your loved ones, and your work space.  If you can’t burn sage in the office, make a sage tea.  Put four white sage leaves in a pot of boiling water, watch it and wait for it to turn light green.  Then take it off the heat and let it cool, put the cool sage tea in a spray bottle and spray the areas you need spiritually clean (negative energy free). 


Sometimes negative energy will attach itself to you.  Ever notice that some people are on a cycle of negativity?  Every two weeks or so they have to have a fight with those they love.  It’s one of the signs you have a negative attachment.  Kosher salt on your tongue, smudge, or drink the sage tea, to get rid of that.  Keep doing that every day for 7 days.  That negative attachment gathers negative energy until it can take over your life and exert its power to have those fights it needs to exist.  Then it goes into gathering mode again till it can take over again.  Creating a cycle of evil.  Don’t buy into it.


May we all be aware enough to avoid evil, and smart enough to change negative energy to positive energy. 

Walks With Thunder

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