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WALKS WITH THUNDER is from a family of shamans. His Grandfather was a Medicine Man for the Caddo tribe, as was his before him. He has been able to see grandfather spirits since age two
Its a good day
The trouble with success is it requires so much attention. I like the easy quiet days of sunshine and a cold drink in my hands. Relax while you can a voice in my head keeps saying. Being an easy going sort of person a stray ray of sunshine can put me to sleep. The bright light makes my eyes close and the warmth of it sneaks up on me. Today is like that, it's cold outside and warm inside, a fire, some stew and oh baby! Of course I am reminded I have to make a living. Have started taking apprentices again. Took a year off from that as they are underfoot so often. Had one call me at 6 AM my time a few days ago. I was up letting my dogs out checking my Facebook addiction, yes still have it. This Sunday our class will be an easy one, Wind Talking. Listening to the wind and the messages it has, making friends with it and asking it to carry our words to our loved ones. Asking the wind to be warm, or cold, fast or slow. These are the powers of one who really walks with power. With all that I forget that apprentices watch me, they see when I am on line and when I am not. Sometimes they remote view me. I was in Las Vegas a few years ago with my pal Kirk. We had a great time for a week, just watching the shows, losing money and eating our way through the casino buffet. While there I got a couple calls from two of my apprentices. They were asking why were we sniffing the air and asking each other if we had any dollar bills. Of course I said its none of their business and then had to validate that yes that was what we were doing. When we got back we has some great stories. Kirk had a nice one about how clean my glasses are. No don't ask. When you share your power and teach people to do things go legend you have to expect they are gonna use those powers on you, sigh. 2016 Kirk honored me by giving the bunny and I our wedding ceremony. In front of the creator and the people I think are important in our lives. It's good to see the new Shaman doing the job with such class and confidence. On the 26this my 59th Birthday! Its is my personal day of power and I will be working a few hours that day. That is a great day to ask me for a blessing as it has a bit more power to it. Keep that in mind. Every day is a great day for a blessing but that one is the best. Walks With Thunder If you need a blessing, want to get rid of negative energy or just want a look at your relationships, I am here for you. Call me
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