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WALKS WITH THUNDER is from a family of shamans. His Grandfather was a Medicine Man for the Caddo tribe, as was his before him. He has been able to see grandfather spirits since age two
Negative energy leads me to a positive outcome
Hello Everyone, Grumpy much? Ever get that feeling that something is not quite right, and that feeling bothers you so much your grumpy? Even my dogs are grumpy, now that is bad. Grumpy is negative energy without a direction to go, just waiting for a chance to unleash itself upon the unwary. As a person walking a spiritual path I know not to dwell on the negative, however in just those few fleeting seconds negative thoughts enter my mind it is possible that this grumpy negative energy will be directed and empowered. Just reading some feedback on my social media posts. Every now and then a response to a post had a tone to it. Not the happy go lucky tone but a nasty tone. They get my attention and while I like to think I am just an easy going person, there are times when those negative thoughts people are sending me are sent back. Don’t worry everyone does this. Our initial gut reaction to a situation, depending on our mood, can be negatively charged. I see this as a power source, much like anger. Even negative energy has it’s uses. Focusing will and intent is the easiest thing there is. Sunlight catches your attention (focusing), you walk out into the sunshine (will & intent), result your enjoying being in sunshine. Using negative energy is like that. You feel this negative (grumpy) mood and channel that energy into doing something good. Working in my garden does that for me. Yard poop patrol as we have dogs and we want them to be in a clean happy environment, poop patrol to the rescue! A negative job that has a positive effect, as I don’t really enjoy poop patrol duty. I was feeling grumpy about my cable bill. I love watching movies, the American story teller is found there. Wisdom, information, fun, and entertaining in one package. If we are lucky there is also a message to hold onto. Yet in our information age we can put ourselves into a financial cluster frack… (Frack from Battle Star Galactica remake curse word, ya you know what it means). At our house we have Netflix $13.99, Amazon prime $70 per year, CBS 9.99, Hulu 9.99, Xbox TV and Movies I buy movies there, cable $289 with HBO gigablast internet and phone service. Got rid of cable and lowered my phone service, $159, combined HBO with Amazon prime, dropped HULU, and saved $149.00 Now that is how you channel Grumpy into positive power! Did you know that Hulu offers live TV? Insert evil laugh here. Take control of the things you can, allow will and intent to guide you.
# @ Monday, February 12, 2018 1:55 PM
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