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WALKS WITH THUNDER is from a family of shamans. His Grandfather was a Medicine Man for the Caddo tribe, as was his before him. He has been able to see grandfather spirits since age two
Spirit reminds me
Spirit has a way of reminding me that life ends. Just this morning I was reading my post about a dream of my Angie after she passed. In the dream, I woke up and heard her voice calling me. “Andy, come on down, let’s go!” I looked out my bedroom window to see her outside by my car. Grinning and looking healthy! It was such a good feeling it woke me up. Same morning as I woke up to in my dream, I looked out the window and saw only my car, no Angie. Another reminder life ends. Life is a divine gift from the creator. We all have the divine spark within us, we call it a soul. I believe that everything has a spirit, my car, house, phone and so on. My dog Dis, has divine energy, she has a soul, as did my cat Emma. Same spirit as Emma reincarnated into my Dis dog. For a while puppy Dis thought she was a cat. She used to smack our Dat dog with her paws like a cat. Very funny. As my Dis gets older, she has more white hair on her face. Doesn’t jump as high and needs a bit more lap time. A reminder from spirit that life ends. My new mother in law Pat has been reminding me that she might not last much longer. She has begun to see paranormal things. Though we might explain that away with her medications or perhaps her low oxygen levels. That doesn’t explain why the house keeper is seeing paranormal things in the house. They both see and hear children in the house, though there aren’t any to be seen or heard. When Angie passed her family was there. They also saw paranormal things. Shadows that ran or scurried around corners or door ways. Movement where no movement should be. A reminder to me that life ends. My son’s new cat Demos had to go to the Vet yesterday evening. Perhaps an obstruction in his digestive tract. Might have eaten something that he can’t pass. After an exam, Demos is on anti-nausea medication, has been rehydrated, and is on the watch list for a couple days. We might lose this little guy. Another reminder… I’m sure that in the next few days or weeks Spirit’s message will have an outcome. Getting me ready for someone to pass, warning me to get ready for it. I am reminded that spirit never is wasted. The soul lives on after the body dies. My cat Emma, is my Dog Dis, when Dis passes who knows how she will come back into my life. I just know that she will. It comforts me. We travel in soul groups though out time. There are hundreds of spirits we travel with in these soul groups. Each of us playing a different role in lifetimes, male, female, mother, father, son, daughter, cousin, uncle, aunt and so on. Hero, villain, lover, cheater, hater, friend, enemy and everything you think I left out as well. We usually come back to the same families because its familiar. This comforts my soul. When you meet someone for the first time and in the first five minutes you feel like you have known that person all your life, that is a soul connection. That person is in your soul group, of course they feel familiar, like home. Even those you meet and you instantly dislike, most likely they did you wrong in a past life. Love at first sight is probably a past life love, your spirit recognizes them and brings forward feelings from the past they didn’t earn in this lifetime. Usually the beginning of an epic romance, soul mate or twin flame. It’s a comfort to know, spirit isn’t wasted your soul lives on. Please join me in sending a blessing to all our soul group members. May we all be loved, may we all know prosperity and are learning all the time in powerful but gentle ways. May we come together in joy and leave with love. So, it is. Walks With Thunder Call me today
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