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WALKS WITH THUNDER is from a family of shamans. His Grandfather was a Medicine Man for the Caddo tribe, as was his before him. He has been able to see grandfather spirits since age two
The future is today.
Here we are in the future, yes, it is today. Remember when we were children and we wondered what the future would be like. This is it. I grew up in the 60s, watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. Johnny Quest had a phone with a video screen in it. Kind of like the old brick phones in the 90s, take that just a bit further and we get the phones we have today. Texting, didn't see that coming, why would anyone text with video phones? Then again that awesome thing Captain Kirk had, the communicator to talk with his ship in space, a tiny little thing held in the palm of your hand. Before those cell phones had that screen they were kind of like Kirk's communicator. As I recall I had mine set to make those nerdy noises mid-90s. I must say I am disappointed in this future. No flying cars or jet packs for everyone. Sure, popular science has shown us a few and we do have hybrid electric/gas cars, not so good though. Was sure we would have an advanced space program by now. Cancer was supposed to be cured after the billions of dollars we put into it. Turns out Cancer research and Cancer treatment is big business; I think they have a cure but don't want to let it out as they are making so much money on us having it. Don't get me started on politics or religion! OH, yeah those are forbidden subjects anyway. Remember what you don't talk about socially. Turns out there is a reason for that, some people are offended by what we think they do. As you know I am a Shaman and folks talk about me all the time. Never thought I would be working on a casino blessing as a grownup when I was a kid. Then again I have retained some of my childlike qualities. Still love Disneyland and Disney movies! Kind of thought we would have real super heroes these days. There are a few of them that don't need super powers. Batman, Green Arrow, Black Panther, hmm OK it's not much of a list but I don't buy comics anymore. Comics used to be 12 cents these days they are $5 last I checked in 95. No one told me that growing old was a privilege denied to some. My 1st wife died at age 42, and my Angie passed away at 45. Here I am in the future and there aren't any laser guns, or space weapons though some say we do have aliens among us. The funny things we believe in, OK yes it's me, Fairies, Angels, and demonic forces exist. Yes, I have seen a UFO over Seattle when I was in the Coast Guard back in 83. Heard years later that it was seen by so many people it was undeniable. It came in over Canada and down the Puget sound past Seattle to make a 90 Degree turn and go down in the Columbia river gorge area. Yes, we believe in strange things and sometimes those things are real. I still believe that someday I will have my own TV series about the crazy life I have, it must be fictionalized as no one would believe its real. Even now in this future time we live in I learn new things. We never stop learning and growing our spiritual power. My casino blessing is getting so much better, last weekend I learned that the voice of command works on slot machines, and that a healing technique I found in 2006 works on them too! You can’t count on casino money to see you through life though it is a very nice bonus!
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