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Daily Reflection Card
After a mini vacation, I am back and refreshed. Today I drew The Five of Wands. This was not the card I wanted to see for myself.. LOL!! Until I looked closer. It is true, this card signifies struggle, unhealthy competition, arguments, and combative personality. So of course I was like ugh!! But, like I said, I looked closer.. Yes, you see a bunch f people struggling with sticks and trying to knock each other down.. But then I realized that this could also signify that a disagreement can FINALLY be resolved. This is excellent news to me! Why? Because this part is true for me on this day! There has been two ongoing battles, one mental and one physical that has been going on for months. Over this weekend I have cleared both of them up. Yep. Crazy right? Nope. It is true. Now I look forward to Monday with fresh eyes.. and the summer looks wonderful too!!
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