There is always a way

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Why rush
The ability to hesitate is the strongest innate gift. The knowledge of when to make a move is the hardest to cultivate. The ability to breath in deep is a skill only obtained when we can let go of the deep toxins that block that breath from entering. I can second guess all day, but what does that matter if a move is never made. I just wasted time. Wasting time is disrespectful. Its saying to the creator that you don't believe in the power. you don't believe in happiness. You don't believe in divine justice. You don't believe in the ability of good to conquer over evil. Why wait? Is there something you think will magically appear because you are special and things need to specially line up for you? Well, I'll tell you now there is literally no one special in this world. We are all the same. When you forget that you forget god and when you forget you lose the favors that were made just for you. Get ready, set up what you can and make the move you can make to the best of your ability at this time. Its good, You got this. I believe in you. Schedule a chat, lets see where are in the line of reaching your goal and lets make a plan to get you there now. Let's talk. It's time.
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