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This is an article that I write daily for you; So that you can use this to empower your daily life. As we move throw this life we all need to work with in our own power to not only change our self but also change the world around us.
Daily Guides for May 11, 2009


Abraham-Hicks Quote for Today: The only thing that makes the difference in the way you feel right now is the thought that you are thinking right now. It doesn't matter how much money you've got; there are joyful people with no money, and there are unhappy people with lots of money. How you feel is about how you are allowing the Source that is You to flow. So when we talk about the Art of Allowing, we're talking about the art of living; about the art of thriving; about the art of clarity. We're talking about the art of being who you really are.

Angel Message for Today

Angel: Serena

Their message to you: I am the angel of Abundance. You will receive the money that you need and God is in charge of how that happens


My thoughts of the messages: So often we forget that everything in the end will be fixed by it self so why worry money does grow on trees and all you have to do is reach for it.  If you set out what you need it will be there. Remember to hold you self to the idea that no matter what it will come to you if you let it.



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