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This is an article that I write daily for you; So that you can use this to empower your daily life. As we move throw this life we all need to work with in our own power to not only change our self but also change the world around us.
Daily Guides for may 13 2009


Abraham-Hicks Quote for Today: When the desire is born, right away you start counting yourselves a failure, because you've got this desire that hasn't been satisfied. Know that you never get it done! And since you never get it done, it's time to stop being unhappy about what's undone, because most of it is undone! You are an eternal being. Most of it is undone. Instead of taking score about what's been achieved -- we want you to start feeling anticipation about what is still to arrive...


Angel Message for Today

Angel: Bethany

Their message to you: When you take excellent Care of your self, everybody benefits. Give yourself a relaxing treat today, such as a massage sea salt bath, or pedicure.



My thoughts of the messages: so often we worry about what the score is on so Many things, and get into he said she said stuff that we lose site of what really matters which is what our end goal is. When we first begin to change our thinking and use the universe to our benefit. We worry over how many positive and negative thoughts we have instead of worrying if you just pushed what you are manifesting back a little. Worry on how to change the behavior. Some one once told me until it is true, pretend that it is and this is a very powerful statement. Why because, even in pretending you bring your energy to it and that makes your manifestation to come into your reality.






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