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This is an article that I write daily for you; So that you can use this to empower your daily life. As we move throw this life we all need to work with in our own power to not only change our self but also change the world around us.
Daily Guides for may 26 2009


Abraham-Hicks Quote for Today: Act a little less and think a little more... We're not saying stop acting and do it all in mind. We're saying work your 8 hours or your 10 hours or your 16 hours.. Just spend at least 10 or 15 minutes -- in a day where you are working 8-10-16 hours of physical action in order to maintain the physical stuff that you've gathered around you -- trying to find pleasure from some vision. Afford yourself that. And that 10 or 15 minutes that you are finding pleasure, will cause a focalization of Energy within you that the Universe will actualize around. You will begin to notice that you are more productive, because of 15 minutes of visualization, than you were from 16 hours of hard labor.


Angel Message for Today

Angel: Akasha

Their message to you: You are a spiritual teacher. You have the ability to counsel others and help them awaken their spiritual gifts and Divine life mission


My thoughts of the messages: So often we get stuck in the daily routes of life and forget to step out of that ands take time for our only pleasure weather it just a cup of coffee early in the morning before the house gets running or just 10 minutes alone to envision our life as we want them to be. Also we forget that we are all here to help each other and the most powerful thing you can do next to loving some one is to very simply listen to them. So your mission to day is to take five minutes for something you enjoy and also to listen to someone for 20 minutes and help them.




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