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This is an article that I write daily for you; So that you can use this to empower your daily life. As we move throw this life we all need to work with in our own power to not only change our self but also change the world around us.
I am Psychics not an A.T.M. of information or Google.



I noticed that recently some people think that I’m A.T.M. or Google that able to spit out information that they want with just very general information. Whether it is useful or not.  Well I’m good but it does not work that way. Sorry I know many wish the universe and spirit would be   up graded to the internet way of thinking but I hate to inform you they are not looking at it according to David. (My spirit guide) he says “the system works just fine.” I have to agree why change something that been working fine since before man decided to think up time or what it meant  


So I going to beak down what all happens with in the first minute of the reading as best as I can.

Now we need to understand three things on the other side

 One time means nothing one second can be 100 year over there and at the same be one second. Why because time does not matter nor does it existed nor does a watch or anything that has to do with time.

 Number two spaces and distant does not matter

Number three everything is controlled by energy everything is matched by energy and will be guided by that same energy.



Ok with that said.

 When you call me and I answer the phone I greeted you and  you greet me and I normally get the  basic information I need from you for the reading. Your energy being the most important of this information. Let think of it as a bar code or D.N.A.    No two people have the same energy, name and birth date ever. If we on this side could find a way that we could record the energy pattern there would be no court case lifted unsolved.


 Then David go into the Alaska record pull your record  with everything you ever done from the first thought you ever had example” how the air smelled funny” from when  you got down here tile the last words your say to your love ones; before you pass back over  to the other side. With on the first few pages is normal your contact that you planed and sign before coming down. here a brief overview of what has happened to you and basic information. Then he comes back to us on the phone with the records. Normal while you’re asking you first question for reason that we get this one so much we use it for this example: how does Mr. X feel about me?


Then with in your record David pulls out the information on you and Mr. X and I begin seeing you and him from the first second of you knowing him tile you see him for the last time. Then I begin telling you what I see and giving you the information on Mr. X feeling at the time of the reading and also what information that shown to me. His general feeling of you and sum time more information on the relationship it self.


Then I normal ask for more questions and/or you begin giving me give me more information on what you want to know because think how long the tape is if it records every  second of your life with Mr. X. in it is I kind of need a idea of where with in the tape I need to be.  


 Think of it as if we (me and David) is going throw a movie  about you and Mr. X that been recorded from the first thought of “she look interesting in her green dress and purple pumps ”  in his thinking to your think of who is  “ who is that tail man over their with the green hair.”


So I may need more information where do you want us to begin reading, where have you gotten to and what you want to know why so I can give to complete useful information.


 I mean their a lot of useless information given to me like for example one time while doing a reading that was very general and I was asked the question “what he thinking right now?” I got handed back the answer “man I should not of eat that chicken it was to hot, it burning me alive I need some Tums” and before I learned to slow down the steam of information coming out of my month. So at less I can see that it useful or even what I think is needed it came out of it. I said that exact same thing that was being handed me.


 The client was like what the world that has to do with my reading or the question I asked I wanted to know what he was thinking about me right now.


 I had to explain that that was the answer to the question asked. That he had chicken that was to spices and was looking for Tums with in second; I heard her handing the boyfriend the Tums out of her handbag.  He must have been just in the other room. And she keeps on talking to me the whole time and I keep on giving her a reading.


 Now when we look at the records it has everything on it from first second. There are a few things I refuse to read in the records that being your super personal information. I do not need to know that you sing in the showers nor do I need to see you using the shampoo bottle as a microphone in the shower. Plus the records will not show me anything you do not want me to read. So if you ask about it you best want to hear about it.


 Your Alaska record are full controlled by your energy and will not show or reveal to something that is not with in the same energy flow meaning for example let say I wanted to read on Mr. X and you to send you a free follow up a week after the reading.  It will not show me Believe me I tried it on a few ex’s husbands I wonder where they was but all I get is snow. These is best because I am not god or super man just tubes for information to pass throw to you for your benefit and I do not need to know what going on  with you unless your asking me.


So when you call me for a reading. Please be open. Please be willing to let me help you and give me the information I need so I can give you the details that you need and do not have to play guessing games on where to begin the movie of your life to give you the information, I am a psychic not a mind reader and not a An A.T.M. or Google that you can push a few buttons and boom their just what you was looking for.  Nor am I like any other reader on this network as they are not like me.


 Just because psychic xwvt2 is able to tell you what you want to hear with out even your name does not mean every other psychic on here is. I never meet one in all my years of reading and I meet some of the best top readers in the world why because if you want be the best you got learn from the best.



First off when it comes to a reading you need to come to a reading with openness and will to hear the psychic out especially if you’re new to the reader. Each of us all read differently some are complete different. So of us need Basic information some of us need your sign some just need you name. We all will ask you for something to get the energy we need to find the information. Normally with in the first 16 seconds of the reading. Further more while I’m on the subjects I refuse to comment on other reader or their reading. If we agree wonderful if not well follow your heart it will show you the path.



After these processes of energy exchange are complete I am able to go to the information that is need and can give direct answer to the problem, you’re having but you have to give me information and with in that the energy from that information. So that I can find the place with in the Alaska record that has everything that every happened and going to happen in it.  The more energy you give the more I going to be able to see and be able to hand you back in answers.  If you give me very general information I will only be able to hand you back general information. Why? because that very low energy But if you hand me a little detail to where your at with in the this movie called your life I will be very able to hand you back what is really going on and in very detailed information. As many of my clients know after the first call I am able once I have the energy code to easy go back to the record and pick up where I lifted off and can assisted you further



Also I sorry that t.v. has shown that we will psychic abilities are able to go from you saying” my name is bill” and lead you to think that we would be able to yes and your wife name is Marsha and you got two kid name sue and Ben and your calling about Ben and his bad grades aren’t you That only happens on TV. And not in real life if it was that easy I be calling you at home with out keen and telling you to remind to take out the trash so Marsha will not be mad o.k. I can only help you if you let me. I live as a psychic and will not play one on TV.


Also I am not a good story teller that going to set here for hours and tell you a story that a is never going to happen. Sorry that not my job plus I do not like migraines and I am not going to lie and get one over not giving you truthful information about your life.   I hope you understand better now how to get the best reading from me.


 I look forward to serving you



# re: I am Psychics are not an A.T.M. or Google. @ Thursday, May 21, 2009 7:05 AM
Hi, My name is Juliana and I want to know about Josh: what can u tell me about Josh?
no 'HOW ARE YOU', NO building a rapport, or warm vihbes, just straight to ;josh' and what i see happening between them past present and future.
no joke,. now keep in mind josh may be her step brother from her dad who just passed over, and somehow yes, - most people expect me to know that within 15 seconds of calling (that is 1 more reason i raised my rates...becuase i got so good at tuning in fast that i can tell a person everything about their upcoming love / career / finance etc in detail in less than 4 minutes !
what can u do aesonknight?
I come from a retail background and to me the CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT', So I work hard at honing my skills to be on top of it as fast as I can. when someone is very demanding or if they are rude, I politely tell them, that I can not read for them unless they let their guard down, co-operate with me and not act like they are testing me.
this actually works ! Because after all as I tell them: They call us to get an accurate reading, we have a gift that can help them greatly if they just let us focus, So it is up to us to steer the ship as needed.
Here for u if u ever need some one to chat with, But I know you A, and you are great at what you do...Just KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK
# re: I am Psychics not an A.T.M. of information or Google. @ Thursday, May 21, 2009 9:23 AM
excellent post!
# re: I am Psychics not an A.T.M. of information or Google. @ Thursday, May 21, 2009 11:44 AM
Honestly you are a genius but your spelling would make other people think otherwise.  I hung in with your article because I can "feel" that you are brilliant....keep up the good work.
# re: I am Psychics not an A.T.M. of information or Google. @ Monday, May 25, 2009 10:45 PM
This was actually a very enlightening post for any psychic to read, even though it was written for the consumer:))  I get your analogies quite often and believe me... it is so frustrating.  People expect us to know everything right down to the very last detail and that's not quite how it works.  

Just yesterday I took a call on another network and the very rude client said this "I didn't expect you to tell me what I already knew."  Geeee-zuzz!!!  What makes me psychic is that I DIDN'T KNOW THAT ABOUT THEM!!  I ended the call after 3 minutes.  Attitude completely sux!!  Thanks for this post:))

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