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This is an article that I write daily for you; So that you can use this to empower your daily life. As we move throw this life we all need to work with in our own power to not only change our self but also change the world around us.
The weekly vibration for August 21, 2017 To August 27, 2017

The weekly vibration for August 21, 2017 To August 27, 2017
This is a weekly blog that allows you to get focused for the week building up on the energy and vibration of coming week each section bring you a little bit in sight so that you can use this for your own growth and inspiration. It is my hope that this gives you guidance into the energy of the week.
Abraham Hicks quote
The section brings you a powerful message of abundance use it to work with the law of attraction. Reflect upon and this week and find where you can use it in your life to allow yourself to be more in line with the vibration that you would like to trade in your life.
This Week Quote: Even though you would like your government to orchestrate the laws or God to orchestrate the law or somebody to give everybody one set of rules, it's not ever going to happen. Each one of you, individually, are seeking your own vibrational balance, and when you find it, then you will welcome all kinds of different beliefs, because you will never fear that the belief will take you someplace that you don't want to be.
Ascended masters
These masters are being that brought us inspiration send us the proper way to grow with that our path and energies continue to bring use their special energy this week. Working with ascended master Energy allows you to bring in that vibration to your life.  Reflect upon this master’s energy.  This week and see how their energy is bringing things into your life that allows you to grow and build upon your own power
This week’s master is Aengus
Their message is This card indicates a twin-flame relationship which is the deepest form of romantic love. To form such a partnership, you must follow your inner guidance, learn personal-growth lessons, and have patience with Divine timing. Once twin flames find each other, everything in their life reaches new heights of love and light.
 The person that you’re enquiring about is your soul mate or twin flame
 * You either have or will soon meet your twin flame *
Aengus is a Celtic god who helps soul mates and twin flames meet and enjoy harmonious relationships. (A twin flame is an even closer and more eternal version of a soul-mate relationship.) He helps lovers resolve arguments with his magical harp music and healing kisses. When Aengus first saw a beautiful maiden named Caer, he fell deeply in love. Aengus followed Caer until he found her bound to swans by silver chains. Aengus transformed himself into a swan so that he’d be forever bound to his twin flame. Call upon Aengus to meet your soul mate or twin flame, and to resolve quarrels in love relationships.
Positive affirmations of the week
This week's positive affirmations can be used in meditation reflection or journaling.  The use of positive affirmations has been proven with in history to bring about change with our subconscious.  Allowing ourselves to clear away old worn out messages That we send ourselves. Using a positive affirmation replacing in Negative Idea Has Been scientifically proven to improve our life.
This week's positive affirmation:  I have defined my personal boundaries on what I will and will not accept from others, and I lovingly, calmly, and respectfully enforce them without aggression.
This week spiritual challenge
Each week looking at the vibrations of the week.  We give you spiritual challenge anything from as simple as cleaning out your refrigerator to allowing yourself to give a smile to a stranger. Because when you take one step forward to change something or do something different it affects not only your vibration but those around you these simply act will bring in charges to your life. Please feel free to comment on these and share your journey with us.  
This week spiritual challenge is:  This week we are going to work on your spending, I want you to journal every cent you spend. Then on Saturday. I want you to set down and ask yourself on each item you brought and ask your self is this the best use of your energy and what you have set for you Goals in life, What is wasting your money  and the energy it took to make money Don't like how your Spending your energy Change IT!

The Eclipse of Change 
The eclipse, which takes place Aug. 21, 2017 at 28 degrees and 53 minutes of Leo, will affect people born with personal planets and points at approximately 24 to 30 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), and approximately zero to four degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) most significantly,

If you're not sure what your personal planets are, Order a full birth chart :

Solar eclipses signify new beginnings, and this eclipse can usher in the unexpected, which can force you into action whether you’re ready or not
So what do you really want, this is a great time to write out what you want the usher in to being and then at the highest point, then envision it and empower that with the energy and release it.

Aries Gets Creative- in various ways, as it occurs in your sector of romance, hobbies, creativity, and children. This eclipse acts to usher in change and new beginnings in one or more of these areas, and your life may feel as if it's been turned upside down, likely in a very positive way."

Taurus Trends Toward Change Because the energies centered on this sector of your solar chart are so dynamic, you'll want to do something special, take action, and make changes. In fact, changes in your family dynamic or home life are necessary — and may be a long time coming — as the solar eclipse ushers in powerful energy for new beginnings in your personal life

Gemini Is a Force This eclipse occurs in your solar third house, suggesting a new approach to communications projects, learning, or self-expression. A new position in the neighborhood, relocation, or increased interaction with others may be part of the picture in the coming months, as well as a sense of renewal and reinvigoration with regards to the way you handle your daily activities."

Cancer Focuses on Career the solar eclipse is an ideal time to put plans into action, and achieve your goals. "The solar eclipse happens in your solar second house, and Mars charges through this sector all month, making you intent on bringing your recent ideas and endeavors to life and building or developing these projects

Leo Gets a Clean Slate can give lionesses a clean slate. "Something new begins, and it can feel much like a new chapter in your life story You are ready to kick bad habits, start fresh, and present a more self-assured 'you' to the world. However, this can emerge from a feeling that you're very much not in control or in charge, so there can be some discomfort involved."

Virgo Looks Within It's a rocky time for mutable-sign Virgo with Mercury Retrograde in Virgo. The solar eclipse will have Virgo-born people looking within, and bring great introspection and contemplation to this sign.

Libra Embraces Collaboration - is ready to get their group groove on during the solar eclipseThe solar eclipse brings a charge of energy to friendships and group associations, Some of you may have been pursuing a project on your own, and you now recognize the need to delegate tasks, collaborate, or start something brand new. The change is likely to be an empowering one."

Scorpio Sees Issues Bubble To The Surface- issues that have been resting just below the surface will take center stage during the solar eclipse. "This is a time for entirely new direction or a brand-new outlook on your goals

Sagittarius Strikes A New Balance- will strike a new balance in life during the solar eclipse. Think of it like your own personal new year.  The solar eclipse brings desires to expand and grow to a turning point and helps clear the path for new beginnings,"

Capricorn Could Find New Support- Cardinal-sign Capricorn could uncover new support during the solar eclipse, but only if they let go of the past first. Because the solar eclipse occurs in Capricorn's eighth solar house, Caps might discover a new way to share financial resources.

Aquarius Enhances Personal Relationships- During the solar eclipse, fixed-sign Aquarius will discover a new way to relate to the people around them. "This is a phase when you have an increased awareness of the need for someone significant to lean on or to rely on."

Pisces Manifests Dreams- The solar eclipse could have mutable-sign Pisces overextending themselves, which could leave them drained. So, Pisces slow it down do not take on ten thing when you know you can only focus on one. It time of manifestation, and drawing on natural talents will deliver long-term success and happiness for the fish.

Aeson Schedule This Week 

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 Have A Blessed Week and I Look Forward To Serving You 

Aeson Knight 

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