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Evolution of the Chakras part 1

Over the last decade or so, more and more lightworkers are noticing changes in the Chakra system.


The first change I noticed was the awakening to the Spirit Chakra.  Not that it is a “new” chakra, but that our awareness of it is new.  Until we began to awaken to the delineation of 3D understandings of love and Divine 5D understandings of love we saw all love in the Heart Chakra.  This served us well.  But as we prepared to raise our vibrations we found new experiences of love that we could not fathom with our consciousness, a higher love that transcends our egos without judgment, a love that celebrates all that is.  In many that love is a common experience now, but a few short years ago it was a rare experience.


As we grow more and more into our 5D awareness (our spirit bodies) the Spirit Chakra will become more central to our every day lives.  So long as we have physical bodies with 3D awareness I expect the Heart Chakra to still play an important role in our growth and development.


Tomorrow: the blending of Chakras, the Third Eye and the Crown.

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