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The Four Bodies

The Four Bodies


Everyone has 4 bodies.  They are, the Physical, the Mental, the Spiritual and the Emotional bodies.  Each contributes to the experience of wholeness.  Briefly, let us explore.


For most of us the Physical Body is the easiest to identify with.  In fact we were designed specifically to identify as physical beings.  Now as we are raising our vibrations more and more of us are awakening to see that our Physical Body is just part of who we are.  Thanks to people like Sigmund Freud we have come to know of our Mental Bodies, and thanks to people like Carl Jung we have come to know of our Spiritual Bodies, and lately with much thanks to people like Candace pert we are coming to know of our Emotional Bodies.


I invite you to contemplate the interactions between these four integral parts of the beautiful whole being that is you.


Tomorrow we begin with the Physical…

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