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The Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra


The home of Intuitive reception is in the Third Eye.  It is located above and between the eyes at the center of the forehead. The energy path of the Third Eye runs through to the back of the head just under the skull at the top of the spinal cord.  It is centered at the Pituitary Gland.    


The Third Eye Chakra is considered to be Indigo in color, though in my experience the Third Eye looks like an Amethyst bed, a field of purple crystals where psychic energy washes through and finds the perfect termination point to connect with.


The Third Eye and the Crown Chakras are beginning to join and become as one.  In some it has already happened, in others it is just beginning.  Tomorrow’s discussion will be about the Crown Chakra and you will begin to see the connection between these two highest Chakras.  After that I will discuss the evolution of Chakras over the past decade and go deeper in to what this combining of Chakras is telling us about our journeys.


Over the next three days this series will conclude with:


Crown Chakra

Chakra Evolution, parts 1 and 2

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