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Chinese Fortune Stick Reading of the Day Nov-15-2010
~ Stick # 55 ~

The Chief Minister was the wisest of all men.
Loved by good people; feared by the unjust.
He promoted honesty throughout the land
And advised the people to attend to their farms.


Try to attend to your own home rather than putting all your energy into work, and do not crave for more money and status than you already have. It is a good idea to settle any outstanding disputes; otherwise they will likely be resolved against you. You are likely to remain in good health for a long time, and someone long absent from you may soon return.

Good ministers and honest judges were highly honored in ancient China, and after death, they were often made judges in the afterlife. To be given good advice by such a person was to be given the wisdom of Heaven. And the usual advice, as in the Tao Te Ching, was to be content with what you have. Stop trying to find greener pastures. Live at ease with who and what you are.

~ Stick # 44 ~

Competing fiercely to become spring's queen,
The garden flowers blossom to their full beauty.
Who will win the golden crown of glory?
Among them all, only the peony stands out.


Your attempts to gain wealth and fame are likely to be successful, and your personal relationships will turn out well. You need only search to find many opportunities for advancement. Do not hesitate to put your plans into operation, and it is a good idea to commit yourself more strongly to your current relationships. With care, you can remain both physically and mentally fit.

The peony is the beloved flower of Chinese poets and artists, for it has a strong sexual overtone, being (in its elongated bud stage) the example par excellence of the male member and the yang principle. But its multitude of opening petals is the symbol of the female, of sex, and of the yin principle. Thus it combines the yin and yang symbolism. It is saying: be complete, both yin and yang, and you will be able to progress. Do not rely on just one aspect of your personality, nor should you be too modest. In Chinese slang, a peony is a stunningly beautiful and sexy young woman. Do not hide your light under a bushel! If you have skills and attributes, use them, show them to others, and they will appreciate you and help you to advance.

~ Stick # 28 ~

The scholar made a pledge on the bridge,
Saying 'I shall not cross here again,
Unless I come in a horse-drawn carriage.'
Fortune blessed him; he crossed the bridge again.


You cannot achieve all your goals immediately. Be patient: wealth and status take both effort and time to achieve, but eventually the trappings of prosperity will be yours. You should work on personal relationships before committing yourself permanently to them. While business problems will soon be resolved, your health may be bad for some time.

A scholar in China had many opportunities for success once he passed the Imperial exams, for honor and lucrative appointments lay that way. But to achieve this he had to devote himself to study every day and for many years. It was usually worth it. Take time - you must work for what you want, not just assume it is yours by right.


Each day I sit down, take up the cup of sticks and ask the same question, “What does the Keen community need to know or hear today?”  I shake the cup until a stick (or 2 or 3…) falls out.  I then post the stick number and the meanings for you to get what you can out of them.

The sticks themselves are a form of I-Ching.  There are a total of 64 sticks in the set that I use* with a poem and small interpretation/story to go along with each stick.   The poems, meanings and reflections are meant to be read and (as a good friend of mine once said) marinated in.  In our culture, we’ve grown accustomed to getting instant gratification.  In other words, we’re used to everything being given to us with little or no work on our parts.  These readings are the exact opposite of that type of attitude.

Chinese Fortune sticks are meant to make us slow down and reflect on what is being said.  As each sticks’ meaning can be profoundly personal to each person who reads them, it’s more important for you to read them rather than have someone give you a watered down version.  These readings are meant to sing to a level of your consciousness and bring you a measure of peace, or at least enlightenment.

The best way to get the most you can out of these readings is to approach them with an open mind.  Before sitting down to read that morning’s reading, make some quiet time for yourself.  Sit still for a moment and clear your mind.  Silence the chatter in your head and take a few deep breaths, letting them out slowly.  Once you feel yourself slow down a little (or a lot), read through the reading of the day.  Go over it a few times if you feel the need.  Then take a moment, sit back and think about what that reading means for you.  Some will be very straightforward; others require a bit more thinking.  Either way, let the reading from the sticks guide you that day on the decisions or experiences you have.  These aren’t meant to tell you what to think, but rather to help you look at things in a different way or to allow you to access truths you already have.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me!!

* written by Zhao Xiaomin & Martin Palmer
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