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Chinese Fortune Stick Reading of the Day
~ Stick # 40 ~

The countryside was full of chaos and disorder,
Before the new Emperor came with the Mandate of Heaven.
A good ruler serves the whole country, both poor and rich,
And brings peace, prosperity and good times for all.

An extremely good fortune presaging the likely attainment of many of your goals. Fate will probably shield you against most illnesses and accidents and, if you work hard and help others, you will find joy in everything you do. You should consider settling down permanently and committing yourself to your partner, as relationships sealed now are likely to be very successful.

The Mandate of Heaven means the right to rule. Chinese emperors were called the Sons of Heaven. If chaos, war, civil unrest, bad harvests, and adverse weather conditions afflicted the State, this was seen as a clear sign that Heaven had withdrawn the right to rule from the Imperial family. See the present times of disturbance as the passing of an old corrupt way, and be prepared to look for the new way, the new order, which will restore order because it has been blessed.


Each day I sit down, take up the cup of sticks and ask the same question, “What does the Keen community need to know or hear today?”  I shake the cup until a stick (or 2 or 3…) falls out.  I then post the stick number and the meanings for you to get what you can out of them.

The sticks themselves are a form of I-Ching.  There are a total of 64 sticks in the set that I use* with a poem and small interpretation/story to go along with each stick.   The poems, meanings and reflections are meant to be read and (as a good friend of mine once said) marinated in.  In our culture, we’ve grown accustomed to getting instant gratification.  In other words, we’re used to everything being given to us with little or no work on our parts.  These readings are the exact opposite of that type of attitude.

Chinese Fortune sticks are meant to make us slow down and reflect on what is being said.  As each sticks’ meaning can be profoundly personal to each person who reads them, it’s more important for you to read them rather than have someone give you a watered down version.  These readings are meant to sing to a level of your consciousness and bring you a measure of peace, or at least enlightenment.

The best way to get the most you can out of these readings is to approach them with an open mind.  Before sitting down to read that morning’s reading, make some quiet time for yourself.  Sit still for a moment and clear your mind.  Silence the chatter in your head and take a few deep breaths, letting them out slowly.  Once you feel yourself slow down a little (or a lot), read through the reading of the day.  Go over it a few times if you feel the need.  Then take a moment, sit back and think about what that reading means for you.  Some will be very straightforward; others require a bit more thinking.  Either way, let the reading from the sticks guide you that day on the decisions or experiences you have.  These aren’t meant to tell you what to think, but rather to help you look at things in a different way or to allow you to access truths you already have.

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