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Grab your Garnets and Dust Mops! It's Retrograde time!
So, once again we are in Mercury Retrograde.  My advice?  Take a step back, a deep breath and try to slow down as well.  Mercury rules communication, travel and electronics - and as far as I'm concerned, is in collusion with Murphy's Law, lol! 

What does this mean for your everyday life during this time frame?  Double check everything, try not to start any new projects and ask questions if you're not sure you heard someone correctly.  This is the best possible time to pull out those dusty projects that have been forgotten/ignored for a while and finish them.  Being as how it's officially spring, it's a great time for a heavy duty spring cleaning!  Get rid of the stuff in your life that's holding you down, holding you back, or just plain smothering you.  If a project was started during the last retrograde, there's a good chance it'll get finished within this one.

With a Mercury Retrograde, patience is truly a virtue.  Both with yourself and with others.

Carrying garnets with you may help offset some of the effects.  I've noticed it in my own life, as has my hubby.  Mainly just remember to be observant...it'll save you a lot of heartache later.

Below is the first of a series of reports by my fave astrologer, Robert Wilkinson, of the Aquarius Papers.  Feel free to browse his site for more articles on Astro phenomena.

Be aware and calm, my friends.  May this Retrograde be the driving force in lightening your load.  And thank you for allowing me on this journey with you!


Astrology and Mercury Retrograde April 2011 in Aries - What Is Mercury Retrograde?

by Robert Wilkinson

Mercury goes retrograde at 25 Aries on Mar 30, 1:48 pm PDT, 9:48 pm Greenwich. (Mar 31 in Iran, Afghanistan, and points east.) Over the next few days we'll examine the meaning of this phenomenon and how we can make best use of these recurring periods.

Usually, Mercury goes retrograde 3 times each year, but this year, like last year, we have a 4th Mercury retrograde period, making this a somewhat unusual time. When Mercury is retrograde, it seems to throw people and situations into a whirlwind of over, under, sideways and down. But does it really? Just what is Mercury retrograde? In the next few weeks we'll discover many things about how Mercury Retrograde in Aries affects us.

Mercury retrograde is one of the most misunderstood parts of astrology. Many have heard about it, but don't know what it really is. I've given an introduction about the general meaning of the phenomenon known as Mercury Retrograde in the article, Mercury Retrograde - A New Look at the Guide of Souls. It was written to assist readers to pierce through many of the superstitions and suppositions concerning this repeating phenomenon, and how it works in our lives.

There's too much to recap here, so if you're not familiar with the technical elements and basic meanings of this Mercurial phenomenon happening 3 times a year, please read that article so you can understand better what this coming period is about, and how best to approach its challenges and potentialities.

I'll be composing extensively about what the coming retrograde period is about in future articles. For now, I'll just mention that we'll get new insights about our self image, impulsiveness, instinctive self expression, new life initiatives, self-starting activities, and other related Aries areas of focus. These will help us get a new look at recent signs and signals related to the huge cluster of planets aligning in Aries these next few weeks.

This is also a time of reviewing how we're being "turned around" in our attitudes and expectations, as well as how we can reorganize our lives to make them more natural and authentic. We'll get new insights regarding recent Aries initiatives, opportunities, future vision, and promises during the time Jupiter occupied 13, 14, and 15 Aries. Given that Mercury conjuncts Jupiter three times this Spring, we're sure to get many more insights throughout the retrograde period, even though there may be delays or they may come in roundabout or even apparently contradictory ways.

So the coming weeks will give us a new look at recent Jupiter developments, as well as herald important developments that will show up throughout April and the first half of May. By the time Mercury and Venus both conjunct Jupiter at the same degree Mercury will go stationary retrograde, we shall set sail into the expectation we've held since late March.

So get your affairs in order over the next few days, then adjust to the different pace, since Mercury will be slowing down very quickly this week. Get ready to take an unusual view, do your research, rehearsals, and examine peripherals since they may be more important than we initially thought. More on all of this, plus how it affects individual signs, in future articles.

Copyright © 2011 Robert Wilkinson

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