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Securing the Love of Your Dreams: Tip #1
You've heard it everywhere that "love begins within." Well, that's because it's TRUE! But how do we cultivate this love within, especially women? Is it saying "no" to the one whom we love, but who hurts us? Is it grooming ourselves and taking "me time"? Or is it something more? What I will share with you in the coming weeks are proven tips on how to reclaim your power -- not power over, but power within. This is a way to feel steady and certain within yourself. If you will follow each of these tips for one month, you will see a drastic change in your life, and your heart. Ready? Set... Let's go! Tip #1: BE the Change Write a list of all the things you desire within your mate, and your relationship. Make the list full and juicy! Make it luxurious and exquisite. Sleep on it, and check it the next day. Once this list is made, assess how many of those traits you have within yourself (excepting the physical attributes). Let's be realistic: there is no expectation that you will become perfect, but in the process of embodying the traits that mean the most to you, you increase your chances of attracting that same beauty. Blessings! **Visit me from 8PM - 12 AM EST to discuss YOUR love life.**
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