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I changed the name of my blog because I tend to blog about anything and everything. I hope to give everyone a different perspective on issues. I am a MIND JUNKIE!!
I Must Recommend Joyce Meyer For Everyday Living
When I was in Chiropractor school, I use to listen to Joyce Meyer. She was always such a straight shooting minister. She had her own past of being sexually abused by her biological father. she was angry and difficult to deal with. She subjected her husband to her attitude and anger over being an abuse victim. She was called to preach and she is the best of the best. I lost touch with her show over the years because I was reading more new age spiritual material. One day my spirit guide said to look for Joyce Meyer on television. I found her and she has really became the perfect bridge between spirituality and religion. She talks about the things that I blog about. Self love, self growth and self responsibility. How to get rid of anger and how to deal with tough situations. I have been listening to her for two weeks now and she is rockin' it. She admits to not always being who she was suppose to be and that type of honesty is appealing to me. She is amazing. She speaks what everyone needs to hear. I know that people think that they are spiritual or christian and do not need help but yes everyone needs help. There are no exceptions.

For the callers who are angry, you need Joyce. For the callers who think that the world is unfair, you need Joyce. The best people to learn from are the ones who admit to who they are. Self honesty is golden. Instead of wanting everyone else to change so that you can be happy, you must change so that you can be happy.
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Joyce has been thru so much in her life and she shows that we have choices and to GET OVER IT-- life is what it is and to be happy- let go of the past. I like her messages- expectations- lead to pain-  be direct  communicate and choose not to let other people offend you. I needed to hear this today and I like to see/hear  inspirational  messages to help me to adjust my view on my life. I will tune in to Joyce for more.  Thanks!  
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Dear Hopefull2044,
I totally love this woman. Years ago she was not the tough talking woman. She was still great. I know that many male ministers were intimidated by her. I have enjoyed watching her. She states it clearly that she is going to tell the truth and shoot straight. She talked how she use to be offended when a person walked out of her talks as she got tough. She stated that they can either learn it now or later.
people think that believing in God and spirituality is suppose to prevent them from going through bad times. That is a false lie. I love how she talks about the christian people can be the meanest. She talked about not getting offended and that God does not owe you happiness.
I know that my blogs offend some people and that is good. I feel if a person is offended than they need to hear it. It was nice to see that Joyce has the same approach.
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Joyce teaches the lesson is to take responsibility for your own happiness. God does not owe you. You owe you. It does not matter if you been cheated on, divorced,etc you own it to yourself to heal and forgive. asking why did this happen to you and that it is unfair will not heal the issue. LISTEN TO JOYCE!
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I will check her out, I am glad you are still here!!
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Dear Angelic visions,
You will love Joyce. She is so real and honest. Thank you liking that I am still here. I am slowly doing less hours but the universe wants me to stay and learn. I learn so much from the callers. My practice is up to 50 patients but that is a small practice. For some reason the universe is keeping it small for now so that I will stay on keen and keep learning.
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I totally love Joyce. She has been to Hershey a couple times and I have enjoyed the uplifting from her. The energy is something out of this world.
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Dear Craig,
Joyce is a special woman. She really has changed her life so much. Last week on her show, she talked about how she had bought a house for her father who sexually abused her and her mother. She talked about how her parent had asked her to take care of them. At first she thought what nerve because her dad never apologized to her for abusing. Once she moved her parents next to her. She said that her father got rid of his life long anger and became a minister. He apologized to her before he passed.
It takes a lot to forgive and for Joyce to go the extra step and help her dad who abused her and her mom who did nothing to help her is amazing. Joyce understood the circumstances that led to his anger and abuse. It freed her to forgive him. How amazing is she.
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Love Joyce!  Mother and I used to watch her every morning, and what did I say at Mother's funeral (in a Catholic church)  ~ how MUCH Mother enjoyed watching Joyce every morning.  A few raised eyebrows there.... ..

Keep up the uplifting thoughts.  Enjoyed your blog.

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