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Tarot Blog: The Devil

The Devil represents not specifically the Devil himself but a feeling one gets when he is not in control of his life. The Devil often represents an addiction or an obsession, something that a person doesn't feel that he can help. When one is seduced by the Devil, the feeling is intoxicating and almost irresistible...the biggest mindfuck about this card is that the Devil cannot take what is not given freely. That is to say, we might be tricked into giving away our power...but the bottom line is that we give it up. What we don't realize is that we have the ability to take it back. We all have our Devils, problems that we don't feel that we can overcome, dysfunctional situations from which we don't that we don't feel that we can break free. But the truth is, the Devil has no real power. He manipulates through fear and temptation. Like Dracula, the Devil shows up at your door asking to be invited in. He cannot enter without your permission...but there's something alluring that makes it difficult to refuse.

I had a dream about the Devil, several years ago. (incidentally, I've experienced several characters from the major arcana in dreams). In my dream, an innocent young man and myself had happened upon a gateway to Hell. It took some doing but we found the key and spoke the words and what do you know?...we were in Hell. The young man went there looking for his hedonistic mother because he'd read in her diary that she was going to go to the only place she could be sufficiently satisfied. (much like Lillith, the Devil's bride, who is even too insatiable for the Devil himself). Upon arriving in Hell, we met a naked Devil who was incredibly charming. He was so beautiful and pleasant, you almost forgot who he really was. He gave me a seductive look and then he took my hand and kissed it. I could feel the passion swelling up from deep inside me. I collected myself and refused his charms. But then, he put my hand into the hand of my companion...and that was something that I could not resist.

Bottom line: The Devil must be confronted. It is time to take an honest look at yourself and ask: "Is this the life I really want?" It is time to recognize that you deserve more in your life. The Devil is a master illusionist. He sells fantasies and deceptions. Nothing he can offer is real. But you can break free of your psychological prision. You have the power to change the situation but you have to be honest with yourself.

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