Out Here In Space, You Are Never Alone

*~ life through the eyes of a writer ~*
Dear Readers, I'm writing in concern to fate. Many ask me about the future. We all have a different perspective on how fate and the future unfolds. In my experience it is like a spiders web. We make decisions that can create channels of fate into the future, different time lines forming intricate patterns. When I predict I try and sense what is the most probable future given the present circumstances. Thinking of a spiders web can feel like a scary thing, but I believe in a benevolent spider goddess. I identify with the spider goddess, as I, like many others, have been perceived without clarity. At times I try and undo the negativity by placing a smiley face on everything. I use a smiley face sometimes when I interact and when I write things out as well :) Yesterday I thought again of connections, the smiley face at Walmart, a store I usually don't patronize, and also the Smiley used by a character named Spider in the graphic novel Transmetropolitan. He claims in this comic that people who use this three eyed smiley are scum (members of the transient movement) easily controlled. Yet he uses this smiley as he on some level feels for them. This is indicative of compassion and consideration. This is a beautiful belief. I believe in those that still care. I wish to not open the graphic novel Transmetropolitan again but rather write a new future based on true love and devotion.
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