Channeling all pain,sickness,become super natural

                                PAIN OF ALL KINDS



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I had a revelation after suffering this weekend,with a loss

of three people who passed away..all in 2 weeks it

was overload.....and I just crashed.

Emotions lead one sometimes into real

tangible reactions...


My old neck injury,which is chronic,came back.

. IT was one of those "just shoot me"

minute by minute  cannot breath...sweating..cursing shaking burning knife in body..hell  kinds

it crept over the middle of these funeral calls,,,,slow...then BLAM..!!... OLD OLD OLD  back injury that kicked in??/ any wonder?? timing????

 I chose to not use pain killers..

I try

to not trick my body...and  anyway,I am a naturalist.

of course me..I had to find a solution!!



Sickness is the teacher to restore health,not

becoming sick,would not enable us the power

of self=growth,growing immune systems,and improvement.

It is a warning bell,not a punishment.don't quick fix it.


                                WHY ME?? WHY i AM GOOD?

I WANNA BE PRODUCTIVE,GIVE,AND DO MY [email protected]!!!!!


When we are so ruined,in pain,we are disabled,or

ongoing,in our lives..many times,people say it was the

best thing...afterall they PUSHED to find healing,and

compassion,and started in a path,that made them %100

happier,and healthier....and maybe saved there lives!!

underneath we are broken...always,needing repair

repeat...we are not machines.


Some people only found happiness after a  HARD struggle..

I dislike that idea,but  TRUE. they became more

of service,made a genius discovery about themselves...

became on the path of heard that??

well its true.


but IGNORE the pain????sometimes people perish. look at that

in hollywood....who had it all,and blew there beauty,brains out.

not on the path of enlightenment..they played there hand.

Its not sad,as much as stupid really....ungrateful,and

in this time,we have every bit of alternatives to our pain!





AND BECOMING SUPER-HUMAN is a good mental exercise ,and a

proper way to treat yourself,power up,your GOD self.






Once you have things a bit in control...just enough to be rational

and you can get through some reading,or sitting up,watching

shows,and house cleaning..even if its hopping...or  one

one arm...or on all 4' need some tools and methods.



1.locate the pain,and find the source in your life,that corresponds

( I suggest getting a book from louise hay - healing your body")


2. FIND THE PERSON'S OR EVENTS THAT CREATE THIS OR CONTRIBUTE,and dig deep....its not blame game.its you.

3. WHAT IS YOUR BODY SAYING..listen to clues..

was your stress so high,you have been snapping,and impatient

prior....or were you just putting so much burned out?

were you abusing proper eating pattern,or sleep?

Have you been taking loads of pills,ie gas,diet pills,,headache,

back relief,migraine,downers,uppers,....and just eating them like candie for

months??? hmmmm WATCH THAT. behaiviour..


4. take the sickness,and FOCUS only on not

recreate it..and use loving 'i am rehabbing my health"

not  "i GET THIS FLU ...bloody hell..every yr.....and pop more

over counter meds..


5. USE the normal activities to

TRULY nuture,pamper,and go into SOFT INSIGHTFUL places

of intimacy....private time,and do some hobbies,you cannot

normally do.....cause you HAVE OR RATHER MAKE NO TIME

6. if you yoga...and meditiate...if you ski,rollerblade,

stair dancing classes,or just stretching,and create

a lighter tai experiements,gardening..

get a pro massage treatment,find a hot tub,sauna..indulge..

tinker with things,you enjoy....hynosis tapes,indulging in ideas,

7. write  long email --letters,make calls REAL CALLS of

people you normally "brush off" and kinda have no time

to be intimate with!!! re-make photo albums..create cards

or draw, a asking them for

support to cut the lawn...asking for beautiful and people

love you for it!!. ASK FOR SUPPORT..don't be a ISLAND.

hit the church why doncha....


9. TRY not to respeat this pattern,so you can stay STABLE,HEALTHY.

 EDUCATION..NEVER FAILS.  read up on articles on self help

really STUDY..don't just the worksheets....learn language

catch up on world events...culture....


 BECOMING self aware,we need not to be living in pain,emotional

or body or heart or spirit.


We need to keep our selves  serviced- maintained

when we run off in 100 directions MAKING LIFE FIT,AND OUR SITUATION STABLE......don't forget to use the

 HUMAN coupon!!! on YOU.


PRACTICE taking care...really care of your inner being


peace- angel

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