Dark times? Hard times?- How to bless your enviroment

Bringing abundance and blessings to the home has been a tradition of many different religions since the beginning of time. Today we have access to information from so many different cultures sociologically, and also a new blend of spirituality from many sources, mixing the old with the new. Blessings have been mixed with positive psychology, and indeed there is such a variety of blessings to choose from. This article will look at some of the basics of blessings, some specific methods of different groups and some general methods from a non-denominational non sectarian spiritual viewpoint.

First and foremost let us look at the idea of what a blessing is. Personally I like to look at Rogets Thesauraus for a definition better than in a dictionary, as it gives us many more ideas:

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" blessing (noun): Benediction, benison, beatitude; God send."

To me that is very connotative and gives the idea that a blessing is a thing of goodness, happiness, send of positive energy, in the form of a benediction from a clergyman or a sending from Divinity. Blessings can also be looked at as drawing in abundance, protecting households, encouraging the gifts and talents in those households as well as the protection of members health. Most of us have a general idea of what a blessing is. In this article we will synonmously look at house exorcisms to cleans a household of what some might call "bad vibes, as in bad vibrations" with the idea of blessings.

While blessings can be done by clergymen by making the sign of divinity upon the air or the foreheads of believers or sprinkling holy water or burning incense, the same methods can be applied by people for the blessings of their homes.

Basically what lies behind the idea of blessings are a few important keys. The first one is taken from the Christian Nicene Creed, but reflects the belief systems of so many religions. The Creed states at one point: "Belief in things seen and unseen". There is a belief in a supernatural world, a world beyond or above the natural, one that is all around us. A belief that there are things happening that are unseen, and indeed that our symbolic actions whether they be prayers or gestures, trigger something in that unseen world IF there if faith. True belief. It is upon this basis that we find blessings to be a wonderful part of our own spirituality.

Many traditions go about blessings a house or driving forth negativity in a variety of different ways. Catholic priests go from room to room reading holy scripture and gesturing, sometimes making the sign of the cross and sometimes scattering holy water. The symbolic meaning is clear. The holy water is cast to the four directions in the room to cleanse out negativity. An important part of holy water is salt, a preservative, something the Hebrew people associated with the actual name of God, and indeed something important in so many non Christian traditions and belief systems. Salt as a cleanser, purifier, and preservative. Whether you make the sign of the cross upon the air, or upon doorposts or upon the walls with olive oil that you have prayed over for protection to bless it, your faith in what you are doing is the key. The sign can be any symbol you find holy and with belief you can bless your house. Lighting candles and praying over them with symbolic colors such as white for protection can be very effective. Praying key passages of any holy book can be effective IF that is your belief system. The classic Christian scripture, from Psalms "The Lord is my Shepherd" or the "Lord is my Rock and My Fortress" can be very powerful.

The Native American tradition looks at prayer to the Great Spirit, and the use of incense, sometimes sage, for smudging upon the walls for protection and exorcism of negative energy as a powerful rite of house blessing. Using totem statues for protection around the house with belief can also be a form of blessing and protection, just as statues of saints can also be effective.

Praying around your house, with your family can be very powerful. Some prayers can be specifically structured to ask for guardians, or guardian angels for the household. You can visualize light in your household or a bubble of light encasing your household as a spiritual meditation. Some traditions draw a circle of salt around the house or draw a circle of salt around the house or holy water itself. Other simple forms of blessings include the use of sacramentals, such as holy water or palm frond from an easter service, or holy symbols themselves nailed to the walls or doors.

Finally, we should look at how to pray or bless. The best advice I can give of course, is whatever is effective for you. Whatever symbols resonate with your belief system. Whatever colors, statues, pictures or other holy items appeal, are what will be most effective. Why you may ask? Because faith is a matter of belief. Our belief systems shape our reality. In your faith journey, which may or may not have a particular destination, remember to practice the many methods of bringing many blessings into your life and others.

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