Horoscope saturday!
Aries     You are caught in the middle of a complex swirl of energy as you get a taste of what's ahead in your future. Although you want to be balanced in your approach to relationships now, you might have to make a hard decision that tilts the scales one way or the other. Fortunately, your good intentions should be sufficient to spin the current circumstances in a direction that's beneficial to all involved.
Taurus     You would prefer avoiding a confrontation today, for you cannot see how it will lead to anything positive. Uncharacteristically, it's easier for you to sit on the fence now and wait for resolution than to get caught up in making something happen. But inaction will only work so long. Ultimately, everyone will feel better after the differing opinions have been expressed, even if currently there's no apparent common ground.
Gemini     Your key planet Mercury the Communicator might seem powerless standing up to the intensity of transformative Pluto; but the lesson is that your thoughts will endure, even if your perspective changes. Holding your vision in your imagination can be the guiding light you need in order to face a difficult opponent. You may feel that someone wants to defeat you, but if you're wise enough to avoid open conflict now, you'll be able to continue on your way toward your destination.
Cancer     It's more challenging for you to express your feelings now that the Moon is back in your sign. Life seems overly intense today and there's so much going on within your mind that it's nearly impossible to know where to start. Although it's a smart idea to overcome your hesitation, you don't have to share everything. Pick and choose your topics of discussion; emphasizing those things you can be optimistic about will actually help you reach your goals.
Leo     You may be feeling a bit sheepish today if you recently went out on a limb and said more than you intended. However hopeful you are that others will step beyond their narrow-minded thinking and be able to see the big picture, you still could face an uphill battle. Attempts to show your intellectual superiority are bound to fail. Instead of making someone else the loser, figure out how everyone can win.
Virgo     Although you know the importance of your own core values, it's difficult when someone close to you has a different set of assumptions and beliefs. But it's a trap to engage in dialogue for the purpose of proving you are right. Once you accept that intelligent people can hold opposing views, then you'll be free to work on improving yourself instead of wasting time on trying to change another person's mind.
Libra     Mercury's current visit to your sign should make you more talkative and increase your overall mental activity. But you will have to fight for your right to speak your mind, especially if a domineering family member tries to emotionally coerce you into remaining silent or misrepresenting the facts. Fortunately, your creativity is flowing directly from the source now, making it easier to be proactive. Be considerate of other people's feelings, but don't let that stop you from being yourself.
Scorpio     Interactive Mercury dynamically squares ruthless Pluto, your key planet, raising issues of jealousy or possessiveness in relationships. You might think that someone is doing something behind your back, but it's probably just your fear stirring up these fantasies. Don't give in to the negativity; the choice is yours. Your decision to concentrate on self-improvement, with or without anyone's acknowledgment, should put a positive spin on the day.
Sagittarius     Your key planet Jupiter is in an optimistic trine with the illuminating Sun, lifting your spirits and raising your hopes. Fortunately, your positive attitude will strongly impact your immediate future, yet uncontrollable self-doubt could also surface now and temporarily ruin a good day. Connect with your friends, for they can help take your mind off of your problems and remind you of what's most important.
Capricorn     You could lock horns and find yourself in a standoff today if you feel threatened by someone who may be extremely smart. But other people's fast talk and clever ideas are no match for your current persistence and strong sense of purpose. Although others could easily anger you now, don't let yourself be distracted from your ambitious goals.
Aquarius     You have the power of clear vision today and shouldn't allow anyone to take your dreams away from you. But it can be tricky if someone questions your authority or integrity. As soon as you focus your energy on defending yourself, everything shifts into a more aggressive and negative posture. Remember, there is no reason to justify your position now. Instead, just keep your eyes on your distant goal and continue stepping in that direction.
Pisces     Although your feelings are quite intense today, you are currently blessed with the ability to remain slightly detached from your emotions. Luckily, maintaining a healthy perspective on reality now also allows you to sidestep a pointless conflict with others who fundamentally disagree with your position. Remember, you really have nothing to prove. Instead of arguing with someone you love, just stay focused on realizing your dreams.
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