How do I REALLY love MYSELF?? In a true way
                       ? LOVE YOURSELF?
This "advice " past; made a lot people miffed. I mean do you want
us to strut round,faking we love ourselves?
When I hear someone project loudly 'I AM FAB" or I look HOTT
or I am da man!! Its nothing to do with LOVING your soul
in fact,its fun,and silly,but not authentic at all.
LOVE- ,its a "feel good strong,powerful,at one with all"
. This sense of PEACE,is not "quiet"but we tend to
think that love is soft lights,flowers,but thats one side of it.
thats another stupid can be a wild nutty eccentric person
who is strange,and wonderful,and gives you lots to think about
maybe even clowning around!
Everyone who spends most of there time STROKING the other's
egos,not basically doing it..being shallow!
Those who groom,and then find critical things to see,or find beautiful
people to make them feel good,or bad with also EGO BASED.
The women who won't hang our with obese lady,but yet,ironically the same
lady will REFUSE to hang with a skinny person for fear of judgement!
When your emotions are shifted into  jeolousy,or envy,for anothers joy
looks,finance,popularity,its again.........ego...not love based.
                                         DESCRIBE WHAT IT IS...or how about not!
 if you watch reality shows,you can see the opposite of
JOY,FUN,LOVE, thats a example of HELL...acually
Maybe its a simple event,that you feel strong,centered,no emotional
roller coaster,you just feel shiny,special,and you like your-self!!
You radiate beauty,people will gravitate towards you
you shine,within.....we are going to want to beam closer to you.
OUTSIDE BEAUTY has nothing on vibing with a big old teddy bear
like grandpa?  LOVE =LOVING=BROADCASTING IT.what you are
you get back...stop lying to yourself..if you say "I am nice" 
maybe you aren't...if you were,people who treat you as such.
THE WORLD IS A BIG MIRROR.....reflecting 24 hrs how your energy is
Watch how you act,don't expect love,if your obnoxious,rude,cynical
afraid of others,aloof,or ego-d out. Popularity is not what I am speaking
                          NOW -- what IT  is.What this love thang is?
I best descibe it as a FEELING OF SELF-WORTH/respect. you have self control,patience,and kindness as you hear your own words in your head
you look in the mirror,and stop PICKING you apart You can throw off both compliments,and banish critical words,for those are
both EGO-BASED judgements.
You can connect with nature,your animals,or outside people,without
moodiness,or impatience,or being dominant,but blending harmonious.
You sense overall GOD,or a power source of faith runs your day...
You drive,walk,move in a center,so you can respond to stressers.
You don't take on STRESS,and notice this!! you handle your chores
and move with grace,and NEED NOTHING 
but LOVE to have someone respond,say hello,buy your service
its a bonus,not a insecure NEED.
You know that the source is NOT WORLDLY,its the INTERNAL
that takes a shift from giving power to banks,jobs,people,to going
for your PERSONAL MISSION. You fill your cup up,before you head
out the door,( not with coffee silly....hee hee) with a strong spirit.
The fast lane is also a terrible way to live,find another way,its not
the new agenda in 2011,or 2012
                                     HOW DO I GET HERE???
Well, its a part of making a plan to make you feel good,and stop employing the
world to feed you,think for you,send you feelings,make you shiny new..and TURN
INSIDE. I would begin by monitoring how much you put yourself down,with negative
self talk,bad jokes,poor self image,being too harsh about your value,talents,bully,and
not giving yourself credit.
The second step,is self-help with the many gurus,dr phil or whom you choose
to re-program your thinking,or if its mainly body issue,eating issue,to a healer fitness
personality.  MAKE YOU #1 to heal,and refurbish.
we take better care of our RUGS,HOMES,CARS..then we do our
peace, angel #0473
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