QUIET? intense building- weekend astrology

We become more intense with our personalities as Sun enters passionate Scorpio October 23. We will become more perceptive of what is happening around us, while noticing what people are saying and NOT saying. Scorpio is guarded and sneaky. We become much more driven and we're not afraid to prove it. As we have this appetite to succeed and move forward, we may slide behind the shadows to watch and observe others, to develop our own skills. Scorpio is ruled by powerful Pluto, and so they have a need to be better than others and thrive for total control. There could be a few heads bumping now, if Libran energy is not balanced and developed. Mercury enters secretive Scorpio October 28, Communications become much more intense, as our thoughts becomes slippery and deep. We can become intoxicated and intrigued with the strange, the mysterious, and unknown now, drawing us to areas that we may feel a need to know more. Some may be searching for others dark secrets and can become obsessed to make sense of what has not come to light for them. Individuals may find themselves becoming desperate to get answers, in fear of not being in control. Manipulation is the alternative for those who avoid action and direct communication with others. Be cautious, as two can play this game now, and you may be wondering 'who's playing who". Others may decide that playing games is not for them, and escape the predicted drama, and find the exit door. Truth and direct communication will be necessary, because without it, there will be turning back.

After two years, Saturn finally leaves hard-working Virgo and enters friendly Libra on October 29 and will stay there until October 5, 2012. Saturn is the Taskmaster who helps us to discover our weakest points, and teaches us how to tackle those frustrating blocks - to be our very best. Entering Libra, we will be learning about how we relate to others, and finding out by experience: what works FOR us, and what works against us. We will learn how to find the peace and companionship that we have been searching for, as Saturn takes us into some fearful territories in the deepest part our souls. Saturn's participation will truly compliment the cleansing process of Pluto to create more respectable and kind human beings in the world, but re-learning the process can be very hard to learn, but so worth the hard work and tears. You can catch the recap of my Pluto interpretation on my September post.

And October 31 we have a favorite holiday! Have a spooky Halloween everyone


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