con artist people abuse,conflict,blame game.2011


Lets show you some examples:

How assuming,being evasive,and not

completing conversations,allows the

wicked mind,the angry inner heart or hurt people

to use it as a excuse to harm your spirit.


# 1 PERSON-good guy


You are being good,communicating,and being open& friendly

and respectful,you return calls,and are straight forward abour plans.

you decide to make a meeting,then cancel,you both agree by text

and its done.


# 2 Person- Bad guy


This person,24 hours later..

they.,forgets  this agreement !! How? does not matter.

They proceed to go to the place without any contact.


3. SHOWDOWN- You get a text,or call,and apon completiong

1 week later !!!# bad person lays a huge angry scene on your

"being a as*** hole for not being at a meeting,

4. You try to talk,text but are shut down without any

consideration,and turned on with hostile tones.


                            THIS QUALIFY'S for one reason.

There are factors beyong your control to make correct.

1. The # 2 did not communicate,they took actions

irrational,then blame-game the other party.


2. Further they did not Once THEY made a error

nothing was done to respect the other party.


3. The good guy gets angry F-off text.


Most people would get into a battle with this,and further

begin a small wage of defending there integrity.

This is a very small,daily common issue,to make a point.

How you challenge yourself to deal with this,and work

with irrational,incorrect and hostile parties.


You may : Have a really sweet relation with may

have never seen this before? you may have assumed different.


                          Reading people's personality


SIGNS- bE sure to LISTEN..I always tell people,you can

learn a lot if you HEAR..and don't blank out little comments

IE: people who TEASE you,but its not funny. Sexist comments

rudeness...being overly controlling,dominating in conversations

blaming others  ( wife,husband,ect) for being psycho..* RED FLAG!  Refuse to discuss there past ( ** RED FLAG)

Making little crude,or off putting comments,or calling you

insecure,poking at your traits,making comments "your fake".

at "your obviously jewish,catholic,or new age freak" or whatever..

cause your >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>( labeling people)

How about cursing? I had someone new acually say "f-off" to my face

 "he though it was funny. I reminded him,without killing

the party,"thats uncalled for" and I don't believe its good manners

you don't know me at all! it was to provoke me to attend a bar,with his

gf and a few others. How you handle it? with grace,not anger. It worked.

I also made a point ,of embarrassing him,and it was a humbling moment.

he apologized. He stared at the floor. This was a very "successful" parent

and good person,who was caught being hostile,and it will help him later.




Its not befitting,of you,your kids,or your community.

Leave that to TV SHOW writers..and thats that.





Example: A new person who after 5 mins remarks,YOUR WIERD???

This is projection,meaning they are "downing" you,to feed there need for

confidence. If you are being strange,fine,accept it. However,when these

comments are permitted,they erode your self-worth. Without being a princess

you don't need to snap back,or always confront,just move on.

Handle it with smiling,making very sincere words back :nice to meet you

take care....or drive safe.....or something sweet back. They will really be surprised!

I got a lot of hugs from people ----after this.-  I might have been the only one who stood up for kindess..?? Think about WHO U ARE. What do you want in your



                  HOW NOT TO GET

-------------------HOOKED INTO ABUSE.


Firstly, if your self esteem is off,even a bit,or your carrying

wounds,unprocessed,or its TRUE,examine it. If they provoke

something,first ANALYZE. If this person is correct,work on

the issue,but don't be FOOLED into a bad "verbal" oponion.

Your neither a PERFECT LOVING PERSON,nor  b****.

This is a trap,many females fall into BELIEVING they are

crap,so the male has found a hole,which to drive the wound

deeper to convince them,it goes with any relationship.

Once this hole is made,its easy to manipulate,any 5 yr old

can BS the weakest person to give them a cookie..comon!!




oNLY TAKE IN critical remarks from bosses,who are more

knowledge then you,parents who are correct,and want your best

or others who have further skills,who clearly your arguing a mute point with.

Why would you take any lover,bf,girlfriend,child,politician,or other's POV???

Listen to those who offer assistance,even if it DOES sting.If its valuble

take time to find resolve,if it hurts too deep,still,look for the truth,but

don't get into a depressive spiral..fix you.


                    DO YOU  CONFUSE DARKER..........

Emotions  with Loving ones??.."since they are so so passionate

towards me????? THAT IS EGO.


Since they are jeolous,they want me. NOPE. they WANT what

you have!!!! If you listen,not "remain in defense mode" but listen

many things lovers say are complete BS from "your a princess"

to your a beast". TRUST YOUR OWN OPINIONS. Flattery

is best from a complete stranger,and usually without anything to



Big emotions are just a way. They are not the right or wrong

People get so caught with someone who is CHASING them

be it social or love..its the same energy. Be careful of being

hunted for friendship,business,or lover,its all very deceptive.

Hence the "he used to text 10 times,she wanted my sales" but never

got a 5th email..he said he would finish the porch repair..but ...on and on..

================Most people lead with a inner foot of where THEY are the moment,day,hour how there own self-esteem is.                       


                          HOW TO READ THERE SOUL


well this is the best means to see a person's kindness

or how they will treat you...but even this can get TRICKY.

Spiritual people without good spiritual manners or morals can use there tricks to seduce  or manipulate also.Power is very much

what many of our bad gurus have been hungry humility.

Please don't fall for the "I am the nicest,most honest person" routine.

People who boast ..thats ego..regardless of what the braggin issues is.

                                     SIGNS  to look FOR


1. People who don't have huge need to control,who don't

cling,who don't blame,who forgive easily,and communicate

with tact,and generosity,who have non-perfect human

feeling,about them.they can laugh at themselves.


2. Look in there eyes...and in there touch. Some people

have a calm,radiant...touch,but there is A DARK sorta

forboding thing about them???? Make sure you use

6 senses. Or otherway..they don't have good touch,but

they have a "watery" eyes that hypnotize...or strong

spirit..( does not mean a GOOD one) do you

feel nervous.?? why? TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS.


3. Look for a INNOCENT childlike quality..


4. Test them,by being very truthful,and in your heart

about a cause,see how they REACT? are they compassionate?



These are very dark times,nevermind the money thing,I am

trying to help humanity souls...

Since we all affect each other,if YOU ALLOW one person

to ruin your mood,or take your emotions,it spills over into

suspicion towards OTHERS!!

This means,people will be desperate for power, money,resources

if ever people are very off balance,its now..or did you see

the news lately? Take the glasses off,read the fine print,

listen to people's speeches,and what they support.



CHurches are not all Godly,Atheist are not unholy,nor un aware.


We are in the most weakest state,we have nothing to hold

onto,except our own INNER soul,they world as it shifts

is terribly shaky,from weather,to jobs,to health,to everything.


If you don't heal this,within will attract this

in your world.. Financially,gather your wits,and

be proactive,as to what you cook up for creative

being prosperous,this is the best times to get

conned ..scammed,and fooled..esp with BANK LOANS.

In 2011 and forward,institutions are no longer viable.

Yeah its time for being under the table people..moonlight.


Watch where you step,always tap into your inner

guide,and ask hard questions,before you jump in

a new plan,trip,group,people....look deeper.



MAKE PEACE within yourself...create good enviroment

keep generating good vibes...get high on the universe

don't give your power to anyone. DEMAND better of you. NOT

judge them.




truth,sometimes but we refuse to see ..take charge

of the situation...and bless God for being there to spare you

further conflicts !!!!

blessings, angel~~~ ( call me on 0473)





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