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The Nudist Lifestyle - From a woman's point of view

Why did I become a nudist?

I know that I don't have a perfect body, but It doesn't matter. It took me a long time to accept myself the way I am.  I always thought I had to be perfect until I became a nudist.  Growing up I felt like I had to hide my body.  I never wore a bathing suit or went in a swimming pool  until my late twenties, because I felt I wasn't  perfect.  It was my Jewish mothers upbringing. When you are constantly told you are fat and that you have funny toes, you want to hide your body.  When I am in a nudist environment, I always feel beautiful; and each time I go, I fall in love with myself all over again.  I feel completely free and able to express  the true Goddess essense of who I am. There are all kinds of people and all sizes and shapes in the nudist clubs.  The perfection within myself became obvious.  True naturism is not about sex but rather your  sexuality -how you feel about yourself as a woman.,You are a beautiful woman. Now all you have to do is accept that belief.

What is it like to drive through the gates of a nudist resort.

Here is a typical day at a nudist resort.When you drive through the gates of a nudist resort, the outside "textile" world ceases to exist. You see families and children nude and just enjoying themselves. You might see them socializing around the pool or in the jacuzzi or maybe playing water volleyball or tennis. There are lots of fun activites for the children as well. There is a lot of socializing and very friendly people. Strangers become friends almost immediately. Someone is having a party or a potluck and everyone is invited. There is a dance and maybe a band that we are all looking forward to in the evening. Oh and look, there is the weekly Texas Holdum Card Game going on by the pool. We all have something in common. We are nude, and we have nothing to hide. Lawyers and blue color workers become friends. Everyone is the same in a nudist resort.

 There is no sexual touching

 permitted, and you almost

 NEVER see a man get excited.

 It is rare, but if by some off chance that it happens, he wraps himself in a towel or jumps in the pool. I have never seen a man with an erection at a nudist resort. There are people of all different sizes, women with mastectomies and people in wheelchairs.


I am not the type that "hides". I am open and communicative. What you see is what you get. I am also the type of person who expresses how she feels. It would have been impossible (for me at least) to hide it from my family, especially my mother.

My mother had a dream the very same weekend I went to the nudist resort for the first time (without my telling her). She said she saw me naked in the driveway. I had to laugh. I certainly couldnt hide anything from her. My mother also made me promise not to tell my brothers, but i did anyway. One was horrified, but he got over it. I think my mother thought if I told my brothers it would wear off on them.

In the late 90's, I found out through a family friend (that I confided in) that my aunt and uncle (my dad's sister), were nudists. My aunt and uncle had already passed away by then. I was surprised. Apparently, it was a big secret in their family too. I was swarn to secrecy by my mother not to tell our relatives that I was a nudist, so I didn't. Later I found out that my parents KNEW my aunt and uncle were nudists.

Before becoming a nudist, I was a clothesaholic. There should have been a 12 step program, because I was always running to the stores "covering up" my insecurity issues. Now I feel like a whole woman inside and out. I was taught to hide myself until I went to my first nude beach experience at the age of 26 to a nude beach.  I have funny looking toes, and I wasn't allowed to leave the house growing up without shoes. Now,when I walk through the gates of a nudist resort.  And I have a smile on my face, because I know


People ask me all the time

 "if you met the right guy, and he wasn't a nudist, would you

give up the lifestyle?"






# re: The Nudist Lifestyle - From a woman's point of view @ Saturday, June 09, 2007 7:25 AM
Thank you!!! This article was of great inspiration as it's the first time I read about the nudist and on a psychic blog.I consider myself a nudist, still restricted due to where I live. I live on a very small Island, where most everyone knows each other and still live in a taboo lifestyle. Nevertheless ONLY my husband and my best friend knows about my nudist. Both are my Knights and they support me 100% and guard me whenever is needed. By reading this blog, I feel that I am not a 4400/weirdo etc..Although my knights always affirm to me that I'm not and how special I am. This week my husband & I were looking to go on vacation to a nudist resort (thanks for the tips).It is true, is not easy to tell everyone, as people are still in a taboo stage and will misunderstand your view to life. However when ever I go out in the Nature or where I can exibit myself, it's a TOTAL FREEDOM, that I feel. Evenmore when is in the Nature, as being a lightworker I merge with mother earth and it such a beautiful/fullfillment experience. I feel myself beautiful, sexy, sensual. My husband just love seeing me Blossoms being Happy and myself. My Friend (being a lightworker himself and my spiritual partner) fullfill providing me the experience of be who I really am. I always felt being nudist, but didn't understand it at the time. Since I was little, I was the only one in the family, wearing very small/sexy bathing suits and in my teenager time I was never ashamed of walking in thongs on the beach and/or taking topless sunbath. However I stopped when I got married until a few years back that I started expressing myself and now even more, really it's like get the kid out of me...even though I am getting in my forties..feeling better then ever!!!Am Grateful to have beautiful people in my life to support me.  
# re: The Nudist Lifestyle - From a woman's point of view @ Saturday, June 09, 2007 8:36 AM
Wow Cinderalla. That is so special that you shared about the nudist lifestyle with me. The nudist lifestyle is a major part of my life, so I couldn't leave it off in my blog. That's who I am. I am glad you have your support system. Linda
# Linda's Nudist Podcast Show Jun-16-2007 @ Saturday, June 16, 2007 2:35 AM
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