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Daily Cosmic Event July 4, 2013

The Sun squares Uranus still into the holiday so expect issues with electronics, vehicles, cell phone and telephones. You may experience issues with communication and short trips. Make sure to plan your trip well in advance and be prepared for schedule changes and delays. If you are traveling don't leavelast minute or think you will get to a place on time because there is a good chance you will not. You may experience issues with the internet, cell phone, text messages, emails and even with appliances that includes the grill if you  are doing some barbeque. The Moon enters the sign of Geminiat 5:21am so expect lots of communication with family and friends the next couple days. Short trips and communication is strong so connect with people you lost touch with at this time. At 3:49pm the Moon square Neptune so you may find yourself on cloud nine or daydreaming. It will be a wonderful time to read book or watch one of those fantast movies. At 11:37pm the Moon sextile Venus so expect to indule in food, drink, money and love. You may show some love to children and pets. I feel this will be a wonderful holiday so enjoy yourself but remember the Sun and Uranu may throw some unexpected surprises so expect the unexpected and try to be prepared.


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