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Disruptions and Disillusionment
On June 9th Mercury will square off with Neptune and Uranus. A square of Neptune and Mepcury can create disillusionment. You may see or believe what you want to even though the facts state otherwise. You may feel lost and confused when it comes to a business contract or agreement. You want to make sure you read the fine print and ask plenty of questions. It will also be the right time for you to create and let your imagination run wild. If you can bring to life the greatest work of art in your life then who knows what doors it may open up. I also feel that you will be able to see more that you can image.

A square from Mercury and Uranus can easily create computer problems and even problems with other electronics. You may have problems with a virus on your computer so I would suggest to do a weekly scan of your computer. Website may run slower than usual or a transaction online may not go throguh to completion. You may have other electrical problems including your television or radio and also your cell phones. You may feel lost and wonder if a text or email went through. It may even leave you wondering whether to make a phone call tro make sure the message was relayed properly. This transit will only last a good day so be aware of some mishaps that may occur and you will do just fine.


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