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Lesson 2: Letting go of Attachments

In your first lesson you learned to set goals and set an agenda. It is a time for you to focus on letting go what you are most attached to. For instance if your goal is to pay down a debt and your agenda is by December 31st, then you know you have about a good 6 months to pay off or pay down this debt. Your next goal is to let go the attachments of spending easily, charging a credit card for everything you want and even lettiing go of your normal daily routine of buying lunch or that morning latte. How can you accomplish this goal if you still haven't let go of your attachments? You need to first work on that main goal. I feel this will be the most difficult lesson to accomplish because we all cheat on this one. If you are finding yourself giving excuses as to why you need that $4 latte from Starbucks or the $5-$10 lunch from a nearby restaurant then you are just in denial. It is equivalent to the alcoholic saying to themselves that they are not an alcoholic because they can control their drinking of 4,5, or several beers a day.

If your goal is to lose 20lbs by the end of the year then you need to let go of the attachment of heavy fatty foods, cut back on portions and even begin an exercise program. You must visualize yourself looking thinner and say to yourself that the only way to get their is by cutting back on fatty foods, carbs and sugars but also starting to exercise. It can be for health-related reasons or just because you want to fit in your size 6 jeans again. No matter what your goal is you need to let go of attachments.

The next few lessons may go a bit fast so I will repeat them in the future. I believe repetitive motion will set the mind to begin t o believe and program into the state of action. The more you hear that something must get done the more you will push yourself to do it.

For this lesson your goal is to begin looking around your home, your work environment and to begin letting go of these attachments. Let me know how you've been accomplishing these goals and accomplishing this lesson. Tell me" Hey Cynthia, I actually didn't buy lunch today and just saved myself $7". " Hey Cynthia, I actually didn't think about him/her the last 3 days because I was too busy exercising or spending time with family". Keep me updated with your progress. When you feel that someone is there behind you and your not doing this alone then you feel motivated to let go of your attachments.

One of the major attachments to let go that is also very difficult for you to do is letting go of an old love or someone whom you care dearly. If you have experienced a break-up or some form of separation then letting go is the most difficult thing to do. I am not saying that this person won't one day come back into your life. I am saying that you want to let go of what is holding you back from moving on in your life. No, I do not mean go find someone else. I mean stop focusing and having obsessive thoughts about what they are doing, whom they are speaking to or whom they may be dating now. The negative energy sends out major roadblocks in your life. Instead of them coming to you they will just stay distant. Keep yourself busy with positive affirmations and focus on your own goals in life. Again, its very difficult to let go of certain attachments but with time you can accomplish this goal.

For now write down a list or find ways to begin cutting back on spending, eating or other attachments that you can live without and begin to execute those tasks.


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# re: Lesson 2: Letting go of Attachments @ Sunday, July 06, 2008 8:27 AM
hi i recently read this lesson and found it very helpful! i began posting little notes like on the frig saying things like "wouldnt you rather have some fresh fruit?" or on the full length mirror in my room saying "you are going to look fabulous in that size 4" i also began jogging with a friend of mine who also wants to let go of attachments. i found that it is easier staying motivated to change when you have encouragement and support! its a very easy to look at things, i cant accomplish my goals if im still holding on to my unhealthy habits. ive noticed a change in other parts of my life as well. having more energy and feeling more confident has made it easier to walk right by the long line at the fast food place across the street from my job and go for a nice walk and healthier food.breaking routine is one of the hardest things to do but i now find myself going out of my way to find healthier food with out a second though, even if it means walking a few blocks.  
# re: Lesson 2: Letting go of Attachments @ Saturday, September 26, 2009 7:11 PM
Hi Cynthia, it was your daily horoscope that helped me take that final decision. Yes, I broke up, and am still wondering whether it happenned for the good or how I will live without him in my life. Worse still refraining from contacting him again .... tough, when I am online all the time. This post of yours has helped me strengthen my mind. God willing I will be able to keep my resolution. Thanks so much. I always log in for your daily horroscope which I recieve at 4.30 pm. in my country.
# re: Lesson 2: Letting go of Attachments @ Sunday, April 17, 2011 11:42 PM
i have read so much about this stuff and the most important thing in all is ' letting go' but action is difficult than words so letting go is near to impossible thing.
# re: Lesson 2: Letting go of Attachments @ Thursday, October 18, 2012 6:25 AM
Why would I want to let go of anything? I love my life and my possessions. I am very free, living in the best country in the world and to me there is nothing wrong with happiness and possessions. then again, I don't adhere to far eastern ideals. I am an advocate of Western thinking and traditions.
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