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Lesson 3: Maintain You-Health

Did you know that maintaining a regular exercise program will help reduce anxiety, depression, stress, improve sleep, self-esteem, creativity and improve work productivity? Physical activity stimulates the brain waves improving your mood and cognitive functions. If you can exercise 30 minutes a day you can improve your well-being. For example, walking your dog or taking a walk around your neighborhood will help improve your health and your emotions. You will feel energized and active. You will feel focused to get projects done around work and at home. You will improve your social interactions with others. Staying healthy and eating the right nutrients will build a healthy body and immune system.

You may say to yourself that you have no time to exercise. If you can spend 30 minutes watching television then you have time to exercise. Start slow and begin walking for 30 minutes then increase your physical activity to jogging for 30 minutes or even weight lifting for 20 minutes. Always make sure to cool down for at least 5-10 minutes after a vigorous work out.

In your first lesson you learned to set goals. In your second lesson you learned to let go of attachments and now in this lesson you will use what you have begun in the last couple lessons to progress forward. If you suffer from stress and anxiety because your debt is high then you need to exercise. If you're fit already then you need to stay focus on your goals and focus on letting go of past attachments. If you have had your heart broken and are working on letting go of past emotions then attending an aerobics or even a yoga class will help you to move forward in life. Exercising and eating the right nutrients help to keep you motivated and energized. You will focus on you and taking care of yourself.

As you are in the process of letting go of past attachments work towards maintaining your health by doing one or several of the following...


-Take a 20-30 minute walk around the neighborhood

-Drink 6-8 cups of water

-Eat a cup of fruit a day (an orange, watermelon, grapefruit, etc)

-Ride a bike for 30 minutes

-Play a sport such as basketball


You have so many different types of exercise that you can do right now but time schedules and motivation seems to hold you back. In the mean time you will be having obsessive thoughts of something or someone when you can focus on exercising or eating healthy. Take the next several weeks to focus on your health and within 4 weeks you will notice a difference on how you view your life.


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