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Love and Financial Opportunities
Venus and Pluto will form a wonderful angle in the sky today making these next couple days a time for financial opportunities to present themselves. Love relationship and friendship will intensify. You seem to be feeling a greater need to restore your financial harship by finding new ways to build financial stability. You may refinance or apply for a loan. You may seek an extension of credit or even use credit as a resource today for an opportunity to advance in your finances. Career opportunities may present themselves today bringing a higher increase in salary.

Love and friendships intensify today as you may feel a great attachment to someone special in your life. You may also miss this person and feel an emotional attachment to someone from your past. The Moon will connect well with Neptune today around 8:50am EST making this a time to fantasize. AT 8:43pm EST the Moon will feel a bit disconencted from Pluto making you feel a need to impulsively reach out to someone close to you in order to gain soem form of emotional control. Try to fococus on what matters to you right now and not what may affect you in the future. Keep a journal and write your feelings down so you can slowly begin the healing process. Good luck.


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