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New Moon Solar Eclipse February 27, 2017

The new Moon Eclipse on February 27th will fall in the sign of Pisces. It is the sign of spiritual and the mysticism. Pisces love to dream and create. It is the sign of the unknown including the paranormal, ghosts, psychics and mediums. It is also the sign that likes to sing and dance. It is also a sign that likes to act and create. A dramatic flair. The 6 months will bring a time when you will feel a higher spiritual energy and commitment. For instance, if you are not one to focus on spirituality you may suddenly feel a need to connect with with an invisible being. You may also want to consult a psychic or mediums to connect with someone or something. There will be this part of you the want to find the answers to the unknown. Your beliefs may come into question. There is a great energy force going on around during this new Moon the next 6 months will also be great for you to focus on projects and get work done. Be careful though because there will be times when you will be finding yourself stuck in a fantasy or dream world. The energy of Pisces likes to do that. benefits. Saturn squares the eclipse so expect to work hard for the money and invest time effort and energy to accomplish tasks and goals. It seems to be a time when Saturn is now telling you to not be afraid of change even though change is scary. It is a time to take the next step whether it's in your career or relationships whether for the good or the bad but change help us grow. Neptune is highly supportive of this eclipse especially since Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces. It can bring long term results. Mars opposes Uranus during this eclipse so this can bring about a time of disruptions and challenges. It may actually work out for you as it gets you going and motivated to get things done. Pluto supports the eclipse so expect change internally and externally. I feel overall you will like this eclipse because it wants you to grow as an individual and start taking on change for once and know at the end you will enjoy the results it brings you.

It could be about your social life.You seemed to be focused but just remember because we are dealing with the Pisces new moon your focus may be easily distracted. I feel that this new Moon will be of great help for you when it comes down to heightening your visions for the future.

The new Moon will affect everyone but especially Pisces, Virgos, Scorpios and Tauruses. The reason being that this new Moon will fall and personal houses for the signs. You may find a great love for a new relationship or even just hanging out with friends.

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