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Scorpio Weekly Horoscopes for February 12, 2014-February 18, 2014

February 12, 2014-February 18, 2014


You want to be careful on February 11th and February 18th when you may ran into some challenges and difficulties with an authority figure. You may feel criticized in the process. The full moon on February 14th falls in your 10th house of career, promotions, advancement and business ventures. The next two weeks may bring a time for you to receive a promotion or advancement. You could see more money. It will work hard for the money but this can bring great opportunities for you to advancing your career. Saturn squares the full moon from your own sign and house and this is a time for you to work hard and take care of obligations. It could also be a time to focus on taking care of work obligations. You can expect to be busy at this time and it could be in regards to your studies. It is also a time for you to take care of tedious task and projects and this could be a time for you to be busy. You may feel overwhelmed with many emails, text messages and phone calls especially around Valentine's Day and February 15 so it may be difficult to spend time with a loved one if you are planning to have a date for Valentine's Day. There may have to be some obligations taking care of first before you can make time for that special person or your friends. The Sun enters your fifth house of love and children on February 18th.. The next four weeks will bring a time for you to find love, fall in love and spend time with children. It may be a time for you to enjoy music, theater, movies, dancing and singing. You may attend a concert or theater. It is your time to shine and get out and socialize. You will meet new people who could become long time friends or even a new lover or partner. You will enjoy the company of children especially in sports, hobbies and recreational activities. You may also join a sport, hobby or recreational activity.

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