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Taurus Horoscope for June 2009

You have been focusing in the past with regards to travel and career. You may had to have traveled for a job or a current job may have taken you to other cities and towns. On June 1st Mars will enter your own sign making the next 7 weeks a time for you to feel energized to get projects done. You may have energy to exercise or to run around and run errands on time. You may feel productive. Use the energy of Mars in your own sign to get ahead in your career as you will be able to make so many great accomplishments.

You have a few dates that will be very helpful to you and especially for your health and career. They are June 3rd and 22nd. You may feel that you are working harder for the money but you will be able to get so many projects done. A project can be anything that your heart desires. Take advantage of this opportunity to get ahead of the game. Good luck.

Venus will also enter your own sign on June 6th making the next 4 weeks a time for you to receive plenty of attention. You may decide to buy a new wardrobe or even get a new haircut. Mercury will enter your 2nd house of earned income on June 14th making the next 3 weeks a time when you will make more money or find new ways to make money.


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The full moon on June 7th will fall in your 8th house of joint resources, taxes and credit. The next couple weeks may bring a time when you may have a debt to pay off. This debt may be credit or tax. You may finally receive approval for a loan. Saturn will square off with this full moon from your 5th house of love and children. You may have a debt that needs to be paid in connection to your children or a lover may owe you a debt. A lover may borrow money from you. Its also a time to take care of any unfinished financial business the next couple weeks including alimony and child support so good luck and remember to budget wisely.

Travel will be highlighted on June 3, 8, 21 and 23rd. You may also have some problems with a lover or child on June 22nd and 26th. Try to discuss any issues or problems so everyone can be happy at the end.

The Sun will enter your 3rd house of short trips on June 21st making the next 4 weeks a time to take a shirt trip to visit siblings, relative or even old neighbors. You may communicate with others through emails and phone calls. Jupiter will retrograde on June 15th making the next 4 months a time when you may feel like giving up hope in connection to career and job opportunities. Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunities so when it retrogrades it loose all that fun optimistic energy. You just have to hang in there and make the most out of Jupiter retrograding. Try to fight any pessimistic energy by looking forward to the positive so good luck.

The new moon on June 22nd will fall in your 3rd house of short trips, siblings and neighbors. This new moon will also rule communication so you may email, text and make phone calls to others including siblings and neighbors. Pluto will oppose this new moon making this a time when you may feel some battles or struggles in connection to a sibling, relative or even travel plans. You may have to work out some problems or issues in connection to relative or a sibling. If you feel a struggle between family members then try to find a way to compromise. Good luck and hang in there.

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