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*5 Ways To Improve a Reading - SO PAY ATTENTION * Whether Millennials , Generation X, or Just Baby Boomers - READ THIS NOW !!! The Purpose of Every Reading should be to Present and Protect your Future.

When you are Getting a Reading.

You need to know your future, you can sit and test a psychic, but that generally is a waste of your time and money. Here are a few simple rules to getting the best out of a psychic reading.



1. AFFIRMATION: With just your first name and age they should be able to share with you facts that affirm they are tuned into you.

NOTE: If they are "Fishing", asking alot of questions, its generally a clear sign they are not really a psychic but just trying to figure out what script they need to read to you.

2. Predictive Timeframes: Generally, every True Psychic knows that free will and free choice can change a "timeframe" so thats why they stear away from them. Timeframes lead to "False hopes", "High expectations" all of which leads to Disappointments.

3. Asking for large amounts of money, to "burn candles", "Cast some spells", or "Get rid of the negatives whatevers" , Generally, means you have a "Psychic Scammer" on your Hands. BEWARE, no one wants to waste alot of money, leading to feeling ashamed and basically RIPPED OFF.

4. MANIFESTATIONS: In general, a psychic should be about to predict an outcome, its that simple. They should be able to "Remote View" with degrees of accuracy (Thats affirmations), and finally you should be able to know and feel they are telling 100% the Truth.

5. FINALLY, be open to what your psychic is saying.

Don't try to read into the reading what you want or expect. It's very important to see the bigger picture. Try not to judge. Patience and finally do Relax.

If it's all Rose and Sugar (Saying they are your Soulmate/Twinflames) you better question if this is just a script being read to everyone.


THE KEY: To when you are getting a reading for your Future Outlook,

It is always a good idea and equally important that you are feeling good about yourself and your Future Outlook.  You should not have your personal worries and emotions all over the place.  What I am saying is, try not to approach the time of your Forecast and future Reading, when you are upset, angry, anxious, stressed-out, crying, frustrated, confused or just about to pull out your hair.

I need you "Open to the Predictive Reading". Remember that your personal emotions play a huge role when you are getting a future outlook reading.  When you are not focused and not Paying Attention, because you are emotional then the outcome of your reading can be skewed by your clouded perceptions, it may not be what you want to hear, however it will be what I foresee.


Try to relax, Please don't have alot of external distractions around, grab a cup of coffee....

I do need first names and age and a very specific issue you want to address. Refrain from asking about the past unless you need to understand what happened. I do the future.

Honesty is the best policy in any  Future Outlook reading. So, do not hesitate to mention all aspects, people connected and concerns, as it is the best way for me to focus.

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Comment in the form of a Question, use a First name and Age, including Yours if you want a Specific directed Answer or Response.




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*NOTE: All I need is your first name, age, the target's first name, age, relationship(if any) and your specific question or issue. If I am Not Available Leave a Comment!!! I will Respond to all Comments!!

It is of greatest importance to see ahead, know whats coming, predict how others will effect you, change and read the minds of others.

  What is 2018 bringing, where am I heading

romantically, relationship wise, or career wise.



*WARNING READINGS* - NO TIMEFRAMES as They change to Free Will and Choices, As do predictions. Please do Open to what I see, it might not be what you want to hear.

NO Financial, Investment, Securities, Legal or Health Questions or Health Answers, The Reading is Strictly for  Entertainment , Informational or Educational Purposes Only,

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خلك بسيط ، وحب للعالم الخير حبك لفعل الخير يعكس تواضعك ٰ وعلى كثر منت متواضع مع الغيير على كثر ما الله مع الناس يرفعك Be simple and love to the good world your love for doing good reflects your modesty thank and on many times I am humble with the ignorance as God wants with people raise you
اللهم ﻻتحرمنآ خيركَ واجعل لنا مع كل قطرة مطر تفريجًا وسعادة ورزقًا وعافية وإستجابة لكل دعاء ...♥️✨ Oh God dont deprive us of your goodness and make for every raindrop and happiness and sustenance and wellness and response to every prayer... ♥️✨

Mediumship - American Spiritualism...

Being a medium, using the skills...


American Spiritualism is deeply rooted in the history of communicating with the dead and departed.

I can help and assist...

Take a moment to communicate with a loved one.


*WARNING READINGS* - NO TIMEFRAMES as They change to Free Will and Choices, As do predictions

NO Financial, Investment, Securities, Legal or Health Questions or Answers, The Reading is Strictly for  Entertainment , Informational or Educational Purposes Only,

身のまわりで起こることの責任は全て自分にある。一見、他人のせいに見えることでも、全ては自分に責任がある。このように考えることで物事は好転する  岡本史郎 You are responsible for everything that happens around you. At first glance, it seems to blame others, but everything is responsible for me. By thinking like this, things will turn around. Shiro Okamoto
يارب العوض الجميل لكل شيء آلمنا وكسر قلوبنا لكل شي نتمناه ولم يتحقق بدله بخيراً منه لكل دمعه نزلت قهراً او ألماً أبدلها يالله بفرحه وحظ جميل اجبر قلوبنا بما يسرنا وقرّ أعيننا بما نتمنى 🕊🍃

Oh Lord, the beautiful reward for everything that hurt us and break our hearts for everything we wish and did not make a good substitute for it. For every tear you have come down a curse or a pain that God has exchanged with joy and good luck.
الكلام يخدّع لدرجة مُمكن يوهمك إنك كُل شيء وفجُأه إنت ولا شيء,للمرة المليُون ركزُ ع الأفعال. Talk is deceiving to the extent that you can worry that you are everything and suddenly you and nothing, for the millionth time focus on verbs.
تصميمي👇 👌هنيئاً لمن كانت لحظة جنونه المضي قُدُماً نحو طموحاته . My determination 👇 👌 is good for those who have had the moment of madness to move forward towards his ambitions.

I think that being lost comes from a kind of desire. I want to become it, and I want to become it so, and I am lost from the desire that it wants to succeed in this way. If you throw it away, the problem will be gone.

Bom dia! “Senhor, Cuida do meu falar, do meu pensar, do meu agir... Cuida de todos que eu amo, dos que me amam e daqueles que por algum motivo desgostam de mim... Vigia meus passos... Sonda meu coração... Esteja comigo em todos os momentos da minha vida... Amém!”

Good morning! Lord, take care of my talk, my thinking, my acting ... Takes care of all that I love, those who love me and those who for some reason dislike me. Watch my steps. Probe my heart ... Be with me every day of my life ... Amen! "


Take a moment to find out where you are heading in 2018.

You have a lot coming ahead - Prepare for your Future now -

Be aware of the paths ahead - This allows you to Discover and Plan for Success.


*WARNING READINGS* - NO TIMEFRAMES as They change to Free Will and Choices, As do predictions

NO Financial, Investment, Securities, Legal or Health Questions or Answers, The Reading is Strictly for  Entertainment , Informational or Educational Purposes Only,

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تأكد بأنه لا يمكن لشيء إحباطك وإحباط معنوياتك سوى تصوراتك الداخلية التشاؤمية حول الأمور,التفاؤل مطلوب حتى وإن سئمت روحك منه. ✨ Make sure that nothing can frustrate you and frustrate your morale except your inner perceptions of things, optimism is needed even if you're tired of it. ✨
السعادة هي أن تكسب أصدقــا۽.. لا يجيدون التصنع ولا يتلاعبون بالاقنعة تغيب عن أعينهم فجأة ولكن لا تغيب عن قلوبهم ابدا

Happiness is to gain the truest ۽... They don't know how to make, and they don't manipulate masks. Suddenly absent their eyes but never absent from their hearts,
اللهم ازرع في أرواحنا ، طمأنينة لاتغادرنا أبداً . May God plant our souls, tranquility, never leave us. ❤️
عنــدما لا يهتـــم بـــك شّخــص مـا إذهب بهدوءَ و غادر عالمـه لا تسأله : لما ، و گيـف و مَتى فقــط إذهــب و إتـــرك لــه رمآد الذگريآت ربما يفيـــق مِــنّ غيبوبتــه يُومـــا فـيبحــثّ عنـك . When someone does not care about you Go quietly and leave his world Do not ask him why, when and when Just go And leave it to him He may wake up from his coma someday Looking for you.
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