اللهم اجعل السعاده تستوطن قلوبنا كل حين ♥

May our happiness in our hearts all the time ♥
THE KEY: To when you are getting a reading for your Financial Outlook, it is always a good idea and equally important that you are feeling good about yourself and your Financial Outlook.  You should not have your financial worries and emotions all over the place.  What I am saying is, try not to approach the time of your Financial Reading, when you are upset, angry, anxious, stressed-out, crying, frustrated, confused or just about to pull out your hair.

I need you "Open to the Financial Reading". Remember that your personal emotions play a huge role when you are getting a financial outlook reading.  When you are not focused and not Paying Attention, because you are emotional then the outcome of your reading can be skewed by your clouded perceptions, it may not be what you want to hear, however it will be what I foresee.


Try to relax, Please don't have alot of external distractions around, grab a cup of coffee....

I do need first names and age and a very specific issue you want to address. Refrain from asking about the past unless you need to understand what happened. I do the future.

 Honesty is the best policy in any Financial Outlook reading. So, do not hesitate to mention all aspects, people connected and concerns, as it is the best way for me to focus.

$$$$ Happy New Year - hope to hear from you soon! $$$$

Take a moment to find out where you are heading in 2018.

You have a lot coming ahead - Prepare for your Future now -

Be aware of the paths ahead - This allows you to Discover and Plan for Success.


*WARNING READINGS* - NO TIMEFRAMES as They change to Free Will and Choices, As do predictions

NO Financial, Investment, Securities, Legal or Health Questions or Answers, The Reading is Strictly for  Entertainment , Informational or Educational Purposes Only,

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*NOTE: All I need is your first name, age, the target's first name, age, relationship(if any) and your specific question or issue. If I am Not Available Leave a Comment!!! I will Respond to all Comments!!

It is of greatest importance to see ahead, know whats coming, predict how others will effect you, change and read the minds of others.

  What is 2018 bringing, where am I heading
romantically, relationship wise, or career wise.



*WARNING READINGS* - NO TIMEFRAMES as They change to Free Will and Choices, As do predictions. Please do Open to what I see, it might not be what you want to hear.

NO Financial, Investment, Securities, Legal or Health Questions or Health Answers, The Reading is Strictly for  Entertainment , Informational or Educational Purposes Only,

يظل الرجل طفلاً حتى تموت أمه ، فإذا ماتت شاخ فجأة A man will continue acting like a child until his mother's death, then he will age in a sudden
Mediumship - American Spiritualism...

Being a medium, using the skills...


American Spiritualism is deeply rooted in the history of communicating with the dead and departed.

I can help and assist...

Take a moment to communicate with a loved one.


*WARNING READINGS* - NO TIMEFRAMES as They change to Free Will and Choices, As do predictions

NO Financial, Investment, Securities, Legal or Health Questions or Answers, The Reading is Stictly for  Entertainment , Informational or Educational Purposes Only,

اگر آپ کہتے ہیں تو مان لیتے ہیں ۔۔!!! یہی کہ بس فرشتے ہی جان لیتے ہیں ۔۔۔!!!

If you are to believe say..!.! That the angels are very just...!.!

علينا ألا نقلل من حلم أي إنسان مهما كان. فمن نراه شخصا بسيطا اليوم ربما يكون شخصا مدهشا وبديعا في الغد. لنتذكر أن الورود كانت بذورا

We must not underestimate the dream of any person whatsoever. You see a simple today might be someone amazing and wonderful tomorrow. Remember that roses were seeds
قد يحدث أن تخشى الليل وهو سيد المفاجآت فيه العودة والرحيل فيه الهموم والفرح هو أطروحة المتناقضات قد يكون على هامش الكتاب ونحن فيه بين السطور حاضرون حضوراً باهتاً يشبه الغياب

It may happen that the fear of night and is a master of surprises in it back and leave it worries and joy is the thesis contradictions may be on the fringes of the book and we are between the lines are blurry presence like the absence
يارب العوض الجميل لكل شيء آلمنا وكسر قلوبنا لكل شي نتمناه ولم يتحقق بدله بخيراً منه لكل دمعه نزلت قهراً او ألماً أبدلها يالله بفرحه وحظ جميل اجبر قلوبنا بما يسرنا وقرّ أعيننا بما نتمنى 🕊🍃

Oh Lord, the beautiful reward for everything that hurt us and break our hearts for everything we wish and did not make a good substitute for it. For every tear you have come down a curse or a pain that Allah has exchanged with joy and good luck.
خطة الله ومصيرنا هو أن يكون كل ما هو عرض ولزوجين لاحتضان إرادة الله هو شيء مجيد. God's plan and our destiny is to have all that is offered and for a couple to embrace God's will is a glorious thing.
لا تحاول رسم قلب واختيار الغياب منك
الكتابة له أو له ،،، إذا كان الحب هو مصير .. صدفة أو الحظ، وعدم وجود خيار

Do not try to draw a heart and choose the absence from you
Writing to him or him ,,, if love is a fate .. coincidence or luck, the absence of choice
عنــدما لا يهتـــم بـــك شّخــص مـا إذهب بهدوءَ و غادر عالمـه لا تسأله : لما ، و گيـف و مَتى فقــط إذهــب و إتـــرك لــه رمآد الذگريآت ربما يفيـــق مِــنّ غيبوبتــه يُومـــا فـيبحــثّ عنـك .

When someone does not care about you Go quietly and leave his world Do not ask him why, when and when Just go And leave it to him He may wake up from his coma someday Looking for you.
أنتِ سحر يسلب القلوب يحرك فيها نشوة الدفئ أنتِ نسائم السعادة التي تملئ الكون صفـاءاً و هدى🍃

You charm takes away hearts
Stirring up the ecstasy of warmth
You are bemoaning happiness that
The universe fills with purity and guidance
'.. أدراه واخشى عليه اللوم واحنه
ولا معي شك في قدره وفي قدري
'I run it and I'm afraid of it and blame it
I have no doubt about his power and my destiny